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The price of the Anniversary Edition Skyrim has been announced; Upgrades are not free

BingMag.com The price of the Anniversary Edition Skyrim has been announced; Upgrades are not free

Skyrim game will be updated to its latest version next week. This version, called the Anniversary edition, will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the game. Bethesda has released a lot of information before the official release of this version. The price of the Anniversary Edition has also been announced. In addition to the news price, an update for the 9th generation has been released for free.

The anniversary version of Skyrim was introduced in August. This version is a kind of evolved version of the special version that has added many items to it. These include the missions of Hadid, the dungeon, and even new bosses and weapons. Also, a lot of content has been added to the Creation Club section.

  • Details of the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim have been revealed

The Creation Club section is the official name of the article section of this game. . As you know, there are many different ingredients for Skyrim. Bethesda also decided to formally support them.

BingMag.com The price of the Anniversary Edition Skyrim has been announced; Upgrades are not free

Skyrim game environment video

Bethesda has announced that the price of the anniversary version of the game will be $ 50 . This price is the same for consoles and PCs. On the other hand, if Afra wants to upgrade their special edition, they can do so for only $ 20. This release will be released on November 20 .

What impact will the new changes have on users?

Bethesda announces all your achievements It will be transferred from the special edition to the anniversary edition. Of course, the only exception to this is the upgrade of this version along with the console upgrade. For example, if you purchase the anniversary version for the PlayStation 5 console while you have already experienced the special edition on the PlayStation 4, it is not possible to transfer the gains.

As for media makers, this upgrade may Be problematic. Due to this plug-in, the game has been renamed SKSE and some items will be disabled. However, it is possible to rewrite the material in a new language.

BingMag.com The price of the Anniversary Edition Skyrim has been announced; Upgrades are not free

Picture of the fight in Skyrim game

The new generation update of this game will also be free for the owners of the special and anniversary versions. This update will improve the graphics and speed of the game.

In general, Skyrim is one of the most important games in history. Bethesda has not stopped supporting it and will continue to do so. However, the Skyrim experience is still enjoyable, and given the new content added, even for people who have already finished it, the game is worth re-experiencing.

Source: Eurogamer.net

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