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Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

Fortza game series can be considered the best game in the field of driving. This series has always attracted the attention of driving enthusiasts with its great attention to detail and environment. This year, Microsoft has decided to release Forteza Horizon 5 for its next-generation consoles.

In general, we have two categories of Forteza games. One is Forza Motorsport and the other is Forza Horizon . Motor Sport is a very accurate simulation of driving and has a lot of focus on being real. For this reason, it may be a little boring for some people. Fortza Horizon has an open world perspective and a different style. In a way, the game is happier and funnier, and on the other hand, Microsoft has tried to be a bit more high-precision and required by Motorsport, but the Forteza Horizon series of games is not as real as the Forteza Motorsport series games. In a way, it can be said that Horizon is more of a fun aspect for driving lovers.

Why is Forteza Horizon 5 important?

The Forteza Horizon game series has a special place among driving games. This game has a combination of charm and accuracy that makes you never get tired of driving in its unique scenery. There are no weird things like nitro in Horizon. So you can pick up a Lamborghini Aventador and start exploring its world with pleasure and compete with others if you like.

Fortza's importance does not end there. Fortza can be considered the best Xbox exclusive game. Microsoft has something to compete with, especially when it comes to very powerful PlayStation monopolies. Sony is a bit weak in the driving simulator now, and this is where Microsoft shines. Forteza game series, although newer and younger than Need for Speed, have been more successful. So it can be said that Microsoft will do its best to present this game in the best way.

BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

Picture of the game's environment and gameplay

Now the number five in the Forteza Horizon game series is set to be released soon. The game is set in Mexico and is more widespread than before. Fortza Horizon 4 was one of the best driving games in history, and now the studio is working to make it better. The new additions have improved the experience compared to the fourth case, but it is not much different. The turn is very complete. The most important thing in this game series is that the world is open, which makes it have a lot of potential for progress. That's why we may not see much improvement in terms of gameplay, but we will see a lot of improvements in terms of the game world.

It should be noted that Fortza Horizon 5 will be released for the Xbox One console . So this shows that Microsoft is not disappointed with this console yet. In the following, join us to provide you with everything we know about Fortza Horizon 5.

History of Fortza Horizon

The first Fortza Horizon in 2012 for the Xbox 360 Released. This game attracted the attention of critics and users from the very beginning. The special driving style along with its open world has made driving style fans interested in it. The important point in the Horizon game series is the player's freedom of action. So that you can easily choose any match you want. You can not even race and just walk around the city. That made the game unique among all driving simulators.

In 2014, just one year after the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft released the second game in the Horizon series. This time in a bigger world you will face a new console and much better graphics. On the other hand, its progress in the number of machines and its customization capability was exemplary.

BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

Picture of all Forteza Horizon issues

Exactly two years after Forteza Horizon 2, the third issue of this franchise was released. Fortza Horizon 3 was not much different from 2 and only the number of cars increased and the world became wider. In a way, the same design language but with more features was released two years later.

In 2018, Fortza Horizon 4 was released. This game proved that the Fortza game series, especially Horizon, are the best driving simulators available. On the other hand, the game was very happy and fun. On the other hand, Microsoft's great attention to the open world element of this game made users enjoy this game a lot. Like any other open world game, Horizon has a day and night element, the number of cars has increased dramatically, and even engines have recently been added to Horizon 4.

Now it's the 5th turn of this franchise. Microsoft also released one of the best trailers to introduce this game. Fortza Horizon 5 can be considered the most complete Fortza and the best driving game currently available. Number 5 is more advanced than 5 in terms of environment and machines, but in terms of gameplay it is almost the same as number 4.

BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

What will be the image of the main machine in this game?

What will be the gameplay of Forteza Horizon 5? Horizon 5 has not changed much from No. 4. In the sense that you are facing the same framework. Gas, brakes and steering are present as always, and if you like, shift the gear manually to make this simulator very real. I personally put the gear in manual mode because it gives me one of the best experiences. The thrill of shifting gears in addition to racing is something that never gets boring. On the other hand, once you get used to this method, you will no longer experience the simulator games in the old style.

You will face various events with this game. For example, the first event in it will force you to go to different areas of the map. On the other hand, like the previous games in No. 5, there will be random matches around the map. You can also challenge other drivers and fight each other. In general, the fun theme of this game makes you never get tired of it.

The Horizon series has always maintained a good balance between a real simulator and a regular game. If you want a very realistic simulator you should take a look at Fortza Motorsport. Horizon is more for people who do not take reality seriously and want to enjoy the game and its environment. Of course, the strange attention of the creators to the details in this game is commendable.

BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

Picture of the gameplay of this game

There are many types of matches in Fortza Horizon. For example, you can take on different challenges like Drift or compete with others. There is also a time mode and you have to go through these Time Trials. Like the previous series, there are speedometers in this game so you never have to make a decision to brake.

In Fortza Horizon, all cars are real and none of them are imaginary or an unreal brand. All machines are licensed and give you an interesting experience. For example, buying a McLaren P1 is virtually impossible, but you can easily buy it in Fortza and roam the roads of Mexico.

Career mode is as usual

Like the previous series in this game, there is a Career mode in it. This section presents you with a number of competitions that are getting harder and harder. The further you go, the higher the level of races and cars, and the harder it becomes to drive. On the other hand, it is something like a story mode. Because there is no specific story in Fortza Horizon and it is a festival. Now the closest thing you can find to your story mode is Career mode.

The good thing about Career is that it forces you to try out all the areas and driving styles in this game. That's why you can choose your favorite style with it and shine in the online section. You can even pick your favorite area and explore it all the time.

The important thing in general is that if this is not the case, you may lose some places or cars. So it is better to try this mode before you go into the game and its world and try to finish it.

Fortza Horizon online section where it needs to be improved

See Fortza Horizon 4 was good online but not at its best. In the sense that its direct competitor, Gran Turismo, performed better in this regard. Now, if Forteza Horizon 5 is to be called the best driving simulator game, it needs to do better online.

In general, the online section is much more enjoyable than the Career section because That real people drive much better and harder. That's why the multiplayer section is so important. There is not much information available now about the online section of Forteza Horizon 5, but it is likely to be similar to what existed in Horizon 4 .

BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

Picture of the online section of this game

The online section generally has 2 main modes. The first case where you go from point A to point B and compete with others. In the second case, you go through a route several times and somehow keep going around. These are the two main modes. Note that in all online sections you can drive any car you like, but some machines will perform better in different situations.

There are a number of checkpoints to cross in each race. If you do not reject them, you will lose a lot of time. So not only do you have to be the first, but you have to drive correctly and carefully.

Now we will examine each mode in detail

Race mode or Race

The race is normal. This means that you will compete with several other cars. Also, this mode consists of several other categories.

  • Street Scene : is a race mode in the city and you have a route How many times do you drive around?
  • Road Racing series : Driving out of town and racing is easier here.
  • Cross country series : This is a kind of off road driving and your races are not on one road but off road.
  • Dirt Racing series : is a dirt road race with many challenges.
  • Drag strip : It is the Drag races that are very important in this category of shifting races.
  • Showcase : This series of races that are a kind of event will take you They put it in front of a special car. For example, you may be in front of a Lamborghini. The prize is also relatively good, so if you are looking to buy a new car, do not miss this series of races.

Blueprint races

This online section can be the best Considered online. In this case, you can design the type of online game yourself. From time constraints to the types of cars in the race. In general, everything is in your hands. This makes the experience of this section with friends very enjoyable.

BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

Image of Forteza Horizon 4 online gameplay that we hope will improve in issue 5

Co-op mode

You can watch Horizon Story matches with Play each other. For example, you can complete this section with a friend. The interesting part is that this section also has a story theme. That's why it's the background story for it. The competitions in this section are also divided into 4 categories:

  • The Stunt Driver : This section has 10 episodes that are the story of Joel Carter Explains to you.
  • La racer @ Horizon : This section will also open for you at level 40. You will then follow the story of a Vlogger.
  • Drift Club : This section will be available to you at level 30. In it you will follow the story of Robert Glenn. In this section you have to make a manual!
  • Worlds Fastest Rentals : This section is more commercial. So that you can buy other users' cars. In a way, some special items are auctioned here.

Other Extra Sections

As we said, there are many other activities to keep you entertained in the world of Horizons. . These include:

  • Speed Trap: The same speedometer that is in the middle of the road and records your speed at the moment.
    • Speed Zone: Measures your speed in an area.
    • Danger Sign: A dilapidated route to cross and Earn points.
    • Drift Zone: Areas made for Drift for fans to enjoy.

    All of this There were 4 activities in Fortza Horizon, which we hope will be in 5 as well. Of course, the creator of the game, Playground Games, has promised players to add more events to the game.

    What will the environment of Forteza Horizon be like?

    To expand the world of Forteza Horizon. In the fifth case of this game series, this scope has reached its end. As we said, the main difference between No. 5 and its 4 wider and different worlds. Now the Horizon Festival has traveled to Mexico and is scheduled to take place there. In this new area there is a great variety of weather and many different driving conditions that encourage you to explore.

    In general, there are 11 different areas in Fortza Horizon 5:


  • Canyon : This map is full of high mountains and has many rock towers. Drivers must be careful not to hit any of these rocks.
  • Jungle : In this map, you are driving in a forest that has many challenges. It will be your way.
  • Swamp : As the name implies, it is full of water and swamps. This map is best for off-road driving.
  • Tropical Coast : A large, sandy beach with trees in the middle of the road. Be careful not to touch them!
  • Urban Driving : If you are interested in driving in the city and among the people, this area is for you. Take a walk through the streets of the city and encounter its twists and turns. This is the best area to play with the car.
  • Living Desert : There are many creatures in this desert There are living things like cacti that in turn create challenges.
  • Sand Desert : A perfectly ordinary desert with sand that takes you to It will sink.
  • Rocky Coast : There are many rocky valleys along the coast, a dangerous road that is extremely difficult to drive .
  • Farmland : A quiet neighborhood full of tall corn and wheat plants that will create a beautiful view for you.
  • Arid Hills : is an interesting area full of grass and dry trees.
  • Volcano strong>: This is probably the most exciting map in this game. The volcano has a volcano that can erupt at any moment. Drive through the lava and take the risk. The ultimate driving pleasure is at stake!
  • BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

    Horizon 5 game map image

    There is a Dynamic Weather mode in Fortza Horizon 5; This means that the weather is changing. It may suddenly rain or the weather may be sunny. This causes the conditions in these areas to change. For example, in the Jungle, if it rains, it will be extremely difficult to drive.

    The most important thing in this new world is how big and varied it is. This is why Mexico is used. Because this country has very different areas and there is a logical reason for each of these areas of the game. In a way, you can race as you like and have no restrictions at all.

    It doesn't matter if you are interested in street racing or mountain and plain driving for all tastes, there is one in Horizon. The excitement also increases when you race in this mode.

    System required to run Forteza Horizon 5

    So far, only the minimum system required for Horizon has been released. However, it does not seem so heavy. For example, when the minimum system required for the Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card was high, our expectations of Horizon exceeded. This indicates that this game is b

    Minimum system required for Forteza Horizon 5

    • Processor: > Intel i3-4170 @ 3.7Ghz or Intel i5 750 @ 2.67Ghz
    • Memory: 8GB
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 760 or AMD RX 460
    • Memory Required: 80GB

    As we said, this game is highly optimized, but its size It is a lot. Of course, it still has a good volume among open world games. However, Microsoft has made every effort to make the game compatible with many devices on the market. Of course, I think you will need an RTX 2070 to run it at best.

    BingMag.com Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

    Fortza Horizon 5 High Graphics Requires a Powerful System to Perform It Optimally. Ray Tracing feature is usually assigned as a game lighting mode. In this mode, reflections, shadows and many more are rendered at the same time, which gives you great quality. Of course, this technology is still in its infancy and needs a lot of progress. Especially since it was recently shown in an article that the mode without Ray Tracing is so good that it offers you something similar to Ray Tracing.

    Fortza Horizon 5 In addition to normal Ray Tracing, this mode Applied for sound as well. For example, the sound of your car will be different in different spaces. One of the things that made Fortza Horizon 4 so popular was the sound of the engines. Now, No. 5 will take this sound one step further and give you a completely real experience. 5 has been published. E3 .

    . . .


    5 18 (9 ) . 8 . 9 .

    . .

    . AAA .

    . . .

    5 . . .

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