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Almost eight years ago, when I first experienced Disorder; I was amazed at this amount of freedom in a game. This is not the first time that a game has provided such an atmosphere, but Disorder is also considered a masterpiece by many critics and players. In 2012, Arkin Studios began a journey that has now reached the fourth station. Now that some time has passed since the introduction of their latest creation, we want to take a look at their new game. Will Arkin still succeed in creating a flawless and memorable work? Preview of Dethlop; Day Again Death Again

Almost eight years ago, when I first experienced Disorder; I was amazed at this amount of freedom in a game. This is not the first time that a game has provided such an atmosphere, but Disorder is also considered a masterpiece by many critics and players. In 2012, Arkin Studios began a journey that has now reached the fourth station. Now that some time has passed since the introduction of their latest creation, we want to take a look at their new game. Will Arkin still succeed in creating a flawless and memorable work?

"Dethlop" was first introduced at E3 2019. The latest creation from Arkin Studios, the maker of Disorder, was a first-person shooter. Game director Dinga Babaka and art director Sebastian Mitten took the stage and promised a new, creative and different experience from the previous work of the production team. During the game's movie trailer, we saw two professional assassins, each with different motives, in an endless cycle; A cycle that repeats itself with your death.

On the other hand, a character named "Juliana" seeks to maintain this cycle, and on the other hand, the main character of the game named "Colt" seeks to end it. . The initial release did not give us a release date or even a very clear view of the gameplay. However, according to the game developer, almost all of us knew what space we were going to face.

The old formula seems to be very simple this time around with the timing

of the main goal of the game. The player must eliminate the eight characters who guard this boring cycle in less than 24 hours. In the role of Colt, the main character of the game, you have to go to different parts of the map of "Black Reef" island in the time you have to complete your mission. In case of death or the end of time and the goal is not achieved, you have to start all over again. The game was originally scheduled for release in 2020, but was later delayed until 2021 due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, giving the development team more time to work on the game.

Residents of Paradise , Hell of Players

The island of the game world is a mysterious and chaotic place. For the islanders, this place is an endless paradise, but for the main character of the game, this world is nothing but a prison. A world whose creators have taken him captive by force and trapped him in this repetitive time cycle. The creators have promised that, like previous games, the world they created is something beyond this superficial layer and contains many secrets that players can discover. Preview of Dethlop; Day Again Death Again

The main character of the game, Colt, is caught in an endless cycle.

Each of the eight designated enemies has its own unique personality traits, motivations, and goals. And control one of the game areas. Therefore, taking one approach towards all of them will not be responsible at all. The player is completely free to search the map in different areas, find clues and get to know the enemies and the game map more than before. According to the creators, each area of the game will have its own atmosphere and story. The game's negative characters, also known as Visionaries; The eight proponents of this cycle are endless and have developed a program called AEON, which aims to achieve eternal life. Each of them also has special and different powers that appear when fighting them.

As you progress and gain information in the game, you can also find the story background of the negative characters. Information that can reveal their weaknesses to you and thus help you to master the areas under their control. There are also optional side missions in the game. A case that the fans of the Disorder series are certainly not unfamiliar with. Players who want to spend more time in Dethlop will definitely go through all of these missions.

Of the eight main goals of the game, Dathlop creators will only briefly mention two or three of them and explain They have not said more about these characters; In the following, we will briefly review the most interesting of them. Preview of Dethlop; Day Again Death Again

Juliana's character is one of the main challenges for the player.

Juliana is one of the first characters against Colt to be introduced to Dethlop. What sets Juliana apart is her purpose. Unlike other people, each with a different agenda; Juliana's only purpose is to kill you. So it will chase you all over the island. He will never leave the player alone to destroy him if given the right opportunity. In addition, Juliana is able to make any of the in-game NPCs (characters in the game environment) appear, making it more difficult for players to try to hide.

During the game, realize that in one cycle, you do not have the time to destroy all the characters. In fact, the golden rule for success in the game is the optimal use of time. Let us make this clearer for you with an example. Imagine this scenario. Alexis Dorsey, one of the negative characters, has held a party. At the same time, another negative character named "Igor Sarling", who is a scientist, has been invited to this celebration; He intends to come to the party but gives up at the last minute to do more work on one of his projects. Knowing this information, the player can disrupt the project in the next round. As a result, Igor Sarling will go to the party. The player now has the opportunity to shoot a double with one shot and eliminate two characters at the same time.

Unparalleled freedom of action

Narration and advancement in the player-centric dungeon Is for the player to personally choose his favorite style and not have to follow fixed principles. Stealth is a bit difficult at first, but it gets easier as you progress and acquire special skills. Amazing freedom of action is the signature of Arkin Studio in its compositions. Achieving such a subject requires high skill in designing and constructing steps. In addition, there must be sufficient balance and coordination between all the components of the game. Undoubtedly, high freedom of action, regardless of the above, can lead to the creation of an unbalanced gameplay in which the player does not face any particular challenge. As a result, the sense of satisfaction resulting from the effort will be absent.

The repetitive time cycle is an essential part of the game identity.

The repetitive time cycle is an essential part of the game identity that acts like a character The determinant is itself part of its structure. In Deathloop, the player's knowledge and understanding of the world around him is one of his tools of power. Given that the game is constantly repeating parts of the environment and the map, one of the main challenges for designers is to prevent the environments from becoming uniform and repetitive. In this regard, the creators are interested in immersing the player in a world that bears little resemblance to his normal world and daily life. Preview of Dethlop; Day Again Death Again

The game's art design is really eye-catching.

More beautiful than ever

Arkin Studio works always have their own style Have had. Certainly Dethlop is no exception to this rule. For a better division, we must look at this issue from two angles; First of all, in the field of art, like Disorder, we are faced with a very rich game that has a different and special art style. A world that, instead of being realistic, focuses on exaggerated models' designs, different uses of colors, and the creation of a heavy atmosphere. But in technical terms, often when we look closely at the details of what the studio has made; Unfortunately, we do not encounter flawless work.

For example, textures are generally not of high quality, which is a bit disappointing. Although in the highest graphics settings, these cases were definitely less visible, but the distance between the games was technically insignificant with other games of the same age. Fortunately, these technical flaws and shortcomings in the studio's latest work seem to be less than before. Environments are more dynamic, vibrant, and beautifully designed than ever before, thanks to the power of new hardware. Proper, advanced lighting and the choice of atmosphere of the 1960s, among other elements, have created an attractive atmosphere in the game; A world that has maintained its everlasting mystery. Another thing that can significantly enhance the gaming experience is playing at 60 frames per second on consoles; An item that will clearly enhance the players' personal experience.

Dethlop is visually a step forward for Arkin Studios.

However, when comparing Dathlop Along with the other games introduced for the new generation consoles, the game still looks a bit technically old. In conclusion, it can be said that clearly in such games, the gameplay always takes precedence over the visual aspects for the audience. The part in which the creator of the game has completely proven himself and acted masterfully.

Action to the power of 2

The gameplay has preserved the usual structure of the previous works of Arkin Studio and besides it , Has reached a new level of maturity and perfection by improving some sections or introducing new ones. As we have seen in game demonstrations, the player will have a wide variety of weapons. Working with shotguns and snipers, fluent new animations such as shifting, how weapons react, and overall shooting systems are satisfying, at least so far. This promises a fast and intense gameplay. Of course, nothing more was expected from the creator of the acclaimed Disneyland game.

The game on the PS5 console also supports its controller-specific features, such as instant feedback and adaptive triggers. Features that will make the game more attractive.

The creators wanted to maintain their independent identity in addition to adhering to the standard principles of style.

Earlier in 2017, Arkin played "Prey". Had made. However, the creators have said that Deathloop is somehow their first serious experience in building a first-person shooter. They had the idea of building such a process for a long time. One of the main approaches was to make available a set of well-known and common weapons in this genre. They wanted to follow the standard principles of style while at the same time presenting their own ideas in the form of creating more insane tools; So that their world can still maintain its independent identity.

For example, one of the ideas we saw in game shows was to combine two weapons, each capable of firing two bullets simultaneously, into a powerful weapon. The firing of four bullets was simultaneous. The theme that makes them all the more appealing is the creative animations that are intended for them. Preview of Dethlop; Day Again Death Again

The gameplay rhythm of the game is very exciting, like the previous builds of the developer.

Some of the features are almost common between Dethlop and Disorder. For example, the Shift ability is similar to the Blink ability in the offline game; The power that enables players to move to a nearby location in the moment. We said above that Juliana is the most important negative character in the game. In addition to this, he is also a playable character. So there are a total of two playable characters. These two main characters have a set of skills and weapons that they usually have in common. One of these abilities is Juliana's distinctive basic feature, the ability to change faces. This allows players to surprise and trap their opponents with proper planning and creating an engaging scenario. Therefore, the element of surprise will never be removed from the game.

Destroying the time cycle or protecting it?

The relationship between playable characters is one of the main elements of storytelling. Juliana is the most frequent person you will meet during the game. You will talk to each other many times during the game. Of course, this depends in part on your past actions, where you are at the moment, and your progress in the game. In fact, this connection is formed over time. By comparison, Firewatch is based on such an approach.

Break the cycle, break the law

Based on what we have said, the idea of a time circle is a foundation. Forms the core of the game. You may be wondering what the game progress system will be like in a situation where everything starts again with death in each cycle.

They lose their being. The game director says that by considering the timing theme, with each restart, you will lose everything you collected during the previous cycle. But this is not always the case and at some point in the game you will get the ability to transfer some of the abilities gained in the previous cycles to the next ones. From this point on, the game progresses closer to the players' expectations of a modern action or role-playing game. The material that has been said about the mechanism of the game development system is limited to the above sentences and is a bit vague. The developers did not provide us with more information, apparently because the important parts of the game story are not revealed.

So in the beginning, the time loop will create a lot of restrictions, but as the game progresses, you will Gradually break these rules and eventually it will be the player who rules the game world. Preview of Dethlop; Day Again Death Again

There are many similarities between Dethlop and previous studio games.

Regarding the similarities between Dethlop and previous studio compositions, the game director said that they always They attach great importance to the flexibility of their gameplay and game world. In fact, the player must be completely free in his style of play and be able to pass the challenges secretly or directly and in a confrontational manner. The creators pay a lot of attention to how to build the game world and place the players in a detailed world; A world full of diverse elements and mysteries, big and small.

Of course, this does not mean that the game is completely similar to the studio's previous work. The main purpose of starting this project was to try out newer ideas and other designs after working on the Disorder suite for several years. The idea of a time circle, for example, will make a fundamental difference in the way you play and completely change the structure of the old formula.

The way the story is told in an almost linear style in which the actions are often limited to switching between Specific points, pre-determined, and ultimately the observation of an intermediate, were distanced. The player personally connects the different parts of the game according to his own taste and way of thinking. To achieve this, changes had to be made in the construction of the game; So Deathlop's narrative style is designed to be completely in line with this non-linear world, and the multiplayer structure confirms this.

The game moves forward as you progress and collect different pieces of the puzzle.


As it turns out, the incorrect implementation of this idea could eventually lead to a dull and repetitive game. The director of the game said that the game moves forward as you progress and the different pieces of the puzzle are collected by the player. For example, during one of the games, you may find the password of a safe that contains important information. But the safe is located in other areas that are only available in the morning. So the player has to wait until the beginning of the day to be able to continue his explorations.

Endless loop, various events

We mentioned at the beginning of the text that the game includes different areas, each with different events. have. According to the director of the game, depending on the situation you are in, you should expect different events. It will be exciting to experience the changes in each area throughout the day. It is at this point that the player goes to try different methods. For example, you might think, what would happen if you took a different approach instead of what you did, or if you took a different approach to the game, would you be able to prevent a character from being killed? This dynamic process acts like a domino. Each action contains a reaction and the result of all the actions of the players will have an impact on the world around them. Preview of Dethlop; Day Again Death Again

Environmental diversity ensures a non-uniform gaming experience.

No two days will ever be exactly alike. There are always minor changes that occur each time the game restarts. For example, a person may wear a different outfit, eat a different meal for breakfast, and start the day with a different mood. In other words, the mainstream of the game is fixed, but small points can change throughout the game.

The theme of time in this game is more of an abstract phenomenon.

Although the main purpose of Destroying enemies and breaking the cycle of time, but the creators did not want to force the players to do anything against their will under any circumstances. So the issue of time in this game is more of an abstract phenomenon. If a person is interested in devoting all his time during a cycle to searching and discovering points in an area, the game will not put any restrictions on him. Naturally, a percentage of players will want to play in the most efficient way and be killed less often. On the other hand, there is another group that wants to finish the game as quickly as possible. It is very exciting to see these two different perspectives and to see what the players will do in this world.

What will the multiplayer part be like?

One of the new parts to the studio game formula, It is a multiplayer section. .

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