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The possibility of the return of Commander Shepard in Copper Effect 4 is strengthened

BingMag.com The <b>possibility</b> of the <b>return</b> of <b>Commander</b> <b>Shepard</b> in <b>Copper</b> <b>Effect</b> 4 is strengthened

The original Mass Effect trilogy is one of the best shooter series in history. Now if you have played number 3, the fate of Commander Shepard depends on your decisions. He may have a good fate and survive, or he may have a very bad fate.

  • A new Copper Effect is made on Unreal Engine 5

in the game The Andromeda Copper Effect series distanced itself from the Shepard story. As if his story is over. Andromeda did not perform very well in general and therefore faced a lot of criticism. Fortunately, this game is not one of the main items in the series and Copper Effect 4 is under construction.

Copper Effect 4 was introduced at the Game Awards in 2020. Now, new information has been released about this game, which indicates the possible return of Shepard. The published lithograph reads:

While Shepard and the other survivors are on their way, fans are waiting to see what the next game will be like.

BingMag.com The <b>possibility</b> of the <b>return</b> of <b>Commander</b> <b>Shepard</b> in <b>Copper</b> <b>Effect</b> 4 is strengthened

The main character in the Copper Effect triangle is Commander Shepard.

One of the YouTubers announced that this text was removed from the site only after a short time. The previous text was most likely a mistake by the company, however it does indicate that Shepard will be present in the next Copper Effect title. Given that it has changed rapidly, there is more speculation about the return of Shepard.

  • Everything we know about Mass Effect 4

Called Bioware, it does not only work on this game. The company is also working on the Dragon Age game. So we hope it can offer both games with quality. Because Andromeda game greatly disappointed fans of the Copper Effect series. Now we hope that with number 4, this game will return to its peak period and will be able to meet the expectations of the fans. It has not yet been announced when the Copper Effect game will be released.

Source: Gameinformer.com

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