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Playstation 5; What are we surprised by after a year?

BingMag.com Playstation 5; What are we surprised by after a year?

One year has passed since the release of the PlayStation 5 console, although it is still in crisis due to the lack of this console in official stores and retail stores (outside The country) is hard to find and its demand is still higher than its production. However, after a year, we can take a look and talk about the different parts of it and the things from this console that have surprised us the most.

The list of games is surprisingly powerful.

BingMag.com Playstation 5; What are we surprised by after a year?

It is usually expected that in the first year of a console's release, its game list is still The device is not very powerful and not many next generation games will be released for it. Although this is true to some extent for the PlayStation 5, and there is still a long and winding road to the end of the generation and the release of games that use more console potential, the situation of the PlayStation 5 in the first year of its release was beyond expectations. It has seen rave reviews.

Before the console was released, there was reason to believe that the PlayStation 5 release window would be weak because it was released in the midst of a global epidemic. Which has caused a lot of damage in the world since last year and has also created problems in the development of video games that have delayed many games. However, in the absence of a corona epidemic, works such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and even more likely God of War Regnarok could be released in 2021 and could make the first year of PlayStation 5 very memorable, but still look at the current works. We can see the list of highlights of this console.

Featured intergenerational games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Resident Evil: Village on the PlayStation 5 console Compared to PlayStation 4, they have received significant upgrades and run better. Also, many other games released late last generation have received free updates that improve their status on the PlayStation 5. More importantly, in the first year of PlayStation 5, high-profile and acclaimed exclusive games such as Dimmons Souls, Returnal, Deadpool, and of course Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart were released. This is a much more compact mix than we expected before the console's release for the first year of PlayStation 5, even though we haven't listed all of the console's premium features.

A combination of next-generation exclusive games and Occasionally between the PlayStation 5 generation and other amazing works offered for different platforms, the first year of the PlayStation 5 has become a very special year among Sony consoles (at least in recent consoles).

Time Fast loading of games is really a big and impressive change

BingMag.com Playstation 5; What are we surprised by after a year?

before the start of the new generation There has been a lot of talk about new ninth-generation consoles (SSDs), especially the PlayStation 5, and there has been a lot of talk about faster game load times and their impact on players' gaming experience. Therefore, we fully expected to see major changes in this area. However, we were still surprised when we really realized how much this affects the easier gaming experience. Easily after a while of gaming experience with PlayStation 5, you will get used to fast-travel electrically, without interruption or transfer to other stages, and until you do not want to play the game experience on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch consoles, you can. Forget the long load time.

Some games include fast load time in the gameplay and game design, such as the new part of the game Recht and Clone. Other games, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, have made it much easier to get around the game. It does not matter how it is implemented in a game, however, it gives us more time to really play our games and when loading games we have less time to spend with our mobile phone and for a long time Wait for the game to finish loading.

Dualense is really amazing, but almost no one is using it well yet

BingMag.com Playstation 5; What are we surprised by after a year?

Before the release of PlayStation 5, it was very difficult to know what to expect from DualSense. Sony has made great promises about how dualscenes can affect gameplay, but whether dualcensing features are just simple tricks or can really affect gameplay was a question for many of us. Given the first year of PlayStation 5, it can be said that Sony's promises about dualscenes were not false, and if the developers use the full potential of this category, dualcensures will feel like a kind of magic totem that connects your hands to the game world and the feeling inside. Just look at Astro's Playroom, which is included in all PlayStation 5 consoles by default. It 's an incredible experience that makes tremendous use of various dual-sensing features, including touch feedback and adaptive triggers, and even shows the audience and perhaps other developers how to use it properly.

Developers have tried to use dual-sense features at different levels, but the main problem is that many of them still use the features of this category superficially and do not take full advantage of its great potential. In fact, games like Astros Playroom or a few similar ones (to a lesser extent) are an exception. Numerous games have used dual-sense capabilities in different ways and with varying degrees of success, and no one has really created the perfect experience that can consistently depict Astro-like magic. Scuba may come close to that, which shows that the platformer genre is a great place to showcase innovative and fun technologies. However, due to the great interest of developers in this category, more games may be able to make better use of its capabilities in the future.

Expanding the console's internal memory space is not easy

BingMag.com Playstation 5; What are we surprised by after a year? BingMag.com Playstation 5; What are we surprised by after a year?

Ever since the PlayStation 5 console was released, gamers have been looking for ways to increase its memory, but new documents have made things a bit more complicated. Because the console architecture and some of its development tools are based on high-speed SSDs, you can not insert any memory into the device and expect that memory to give you a good response. Of course, you could have used the HDD indirectly as the device's external storage from the very beginning of the release, but expanding the console's internal storage space, which is possible through the M.2 NVMe SSD certifications, is possible almost a year after the console's release in September. . Even then, the conditions for supporting it were strangely unclear. Sony announced the specifications of certain SSDs that the console supports, but did not specify exactly the compatible models, which confused some users. Of course, if you want to look at the specifications announced by Sony, you can find options based on that information in the market. However, one of the options that PlayStation 5 architect and chief designer Mark Cerny has publicly announced that he will use for his console is the WD_Black SN850 memory with a heatsink.

Transfer of game storage data (saves) and monetary upgrades is painful

BingMag.com Playstation 5; What are we surprised by after a year?

Delivery feature Smart (Delivery) in Xbox consoles is one of the useful and notable features of this device that allows you to easily download the appropriate version of your console by purchasing the game and use your stored data easily. Sony has not announced a similar feature for the PlayStation, but it certainly will, right? Unfortunately not. Sony's approach to transferring game storage files between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles has been annoying. Most of the time, you need to import your data from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 first. This is just an added hassle, and even worse, sometimes a few games do not support the ability to transfer saves at all.

Similarly, while many games have received free updates for the new generation , Sony is accustomed to introducing special editions of some of its best games, known as "Director's Cut". Of course, we have to say that the "director's impression" version of the two games Death Stranding and Ghost of Sushima, in addition to the next generation update, have added more content to the game, which may be a reason for its added price. However, it is clear that Microsoft's approach to Smart Delivery has been a much easier one.

Sony has not yet responded firmly to the game <

This could be intentional. At a time when Xbox has made sharing services and even cloud streaming an important part of its focus, Sony's approach could underscore the importance of new hardware. In its messages, Sony has explicitly stated that it considers generational upgrades to be vital to its business. Therefore, it is possible that in the future, Microsoft will not follow this approach at all. However, Xbox Games is regularly hailed as a valuable proposition and has played an important role in the growth of the Xbox ecosystem. Surprisingly, Sony is not trying to do this.

It is still difficult to find a console due to global problems

Most Consoles struggle with console supply limitations at launch, but with rare exceptions, these issues will be resolved within a few months. So, perhaps the biggest surprise of the PlayStation 5 is that it's still hard to find, even 12 months after the console's release. Recent figures for the console show that more than 13 million PlayStation 5s have been sold worldwide so far, which could easily have been more if there had not been a global shortage of chips and semiconductors. . This high sales figure shows that Sony has managed to launch a large number of consoles, but the demand for fans is so high that this amount is not enough and the console can hardly be found in official stores (abroad) and when the console is in stores Available, sold immediately.

Some retailers have been able to find ways to block the black market, or at least robots that buy large numbers of consoles in a short amount of time, giving fans a better chance of winning. Buy consoles at a real price. This may have made it easier to find the console in some cases, but the fact is that if you were looking for a PlayStation 5 by the end of 2020, you might still be trying to find it by the end of 2021. The reasons for this are multifaceted and complex. Video games have become more popular, so it makes sense to expect the new generation to sell more than the previous generation. Especially the PlayStation 5 console, which has both the success and the huge community of PlayStation 4 users behind it, and as mentioned at the beginning of the text, has had a very good first year. However, the Covid-19 epidemic has also played a large role in the current situation. On the one hand, many people found more time in their homes and therefore pursued various hobbies, including video games, and on the other hand, Quid-19 has caused a global shortage of semiconductors, which has led to the production of various devices, including game consoles. Has a problem. Whatever the reason, PlayStation 5 is currently in demand at the same time as its release. The situation is expected to improve over time, but we can not specify the exact time for it and it is unclear when this problem will be completely resolved.

Source: Gamespot

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