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PlayStation 5 gamers prefer digital games

BingMag.com PlayStation 5 gamers prefer digital games

According to the latest information released from game sales, in the first ten months of the PlayStation 5 console release, for both copies sold digitally, three The copy is physically sold. In particular, this shows that the physical version of the game is still very popular.

PlayStation fans across Europe and beyond have welcomed the physical version of the game. According to statistics released in the first ten months of PlayStation 5, more than 10 million physical copies of various games have been sold. Meanwhile, 7.5 million games were sold digitally in the same period and no fish sold more than one million. This figure is derived from the presentation of Global Sales Data on live shows last month; Where the company's video game consultant, Sam Naji, took a deeper look at the console's cumulative sales from its launch in November 2020 until the end of August 2021.

BingMag.com PlayStation 5 gamers prefer digital games

GSD tracks physical sales of all games from 23 countries and digital sales of 49 countries and covers all major publishers in published statistics. The company has found that sales of physical versions of games in various retailers have consistently surpassed digital sales, reaching 51 percent more by the end of August.

November 2020 was, in fact, the only month when downloads were available The games have surpassed their physical sales by 950,000 units compared to 840,000 units. Since then, physical versions of PlayStation 5 games have steadily surpassed digital sales every month. Also, this gap has widened significantly over time, so that in December 2020, for every four downloads of the game, five games were physically sold. By the end of August, that number had risen to three physical games for two digital versions.

BingMag.com PlayStation 5 gamers prefer digital games

Due to the increasing industry for the digitization of games, Naji provided factors that may explain why PlayStation owners prefer physical versions. As a first reason, the high price of new PlayStation 5 titles (around $ 70) means that consumers prefer to invest in a physical product. This is combined with his second reason; That console owners like to create a physical archive of games for their new console. Naji also mentioned the ability to sell and lend physical games more easily as an agent.

Elsewhere in the presentation, AIDS Skiris, senior analyst at GSD Games, described the physical sales performance of PlayStation 5 games with Xbox Series consoles. X and S compared.

BingMag.com PlayStation 5 gamers prefer digital games

According to statistics, Sony console 1.9 million games Physical form sold from January to August 2021; While this figure reaches 400,000 units for the Xbox X and S, which is a significant difference. Saciris also added that while the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles have helped the industry grow, it has slowed down due to insufficient gaming due to Quaid delays.

Source: Gameindustry.biz

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