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The PlayStation 5 game show event was scheduled for Thursday night

BingMag.com The PlayStation 5 game show event was scheduled for Thursday night

Exactly one year has passed since Sony's previous accurate show of its upcoming games, and finally we are going to see another event to unveil PlayStation games. Sony has unveiled a program for Thursday this week.

Problems with game development Over the past year or two, the problems caused by the current global crisis have not gone unnoticed. Gaming companies have delayed their projects for a year or two; This is despite the fact that next-generation consoles have been on the market for about a year. The moon will enter the market.

According to Sony, the show on Thursday night will be 40 minutes long and includes games made by Sony and other companies.

All of this led to very watery shows for summer events such as Ethereum and Gamescom and the Summer Games Festival. Sony did not attend any of these events with a high degree of pride and pride, which is more on the nerves. This Thursday's event is supposed to make up for Sony's absence at all of these events. The week is coming to an end.

Of course, we have been plagued by rising expectations over and over again. As a result, we do not have high expectations of the ceremony. In the words of Kritos himself, "Lower your expectations and you will never be upset." Following this sentence, we do not have much expectation from the ceremony and in our minds we imagine the ceremony as another program to show Datholup for the thousandth time. Sony has shown so much deathliness that we think most of its goal was to make this PlayStation 5 exclusive game in the eyes of its owner, Microsoft.

Joke aside, the next God of War will probably have a short teaser. Horizon Forbiden West, which has just been released, may have a new trailer. Forspoken Square Enix is definitely a part of the event, and maybe Final Fantasy 16 will have a show. Sony may finally say it has bought BluePoint Games. This app is basically not a State of Play and has a separate registration. That makes it bigger than Sony's other annual multi-game show.

According to Sony, Thursday night's show will be 40 minutes long. The games included in this program will include both Sony's own PlayStation Studio and other companies' games. Just do not expect big and expensive games. Clearly, Sony has mentioned that they have included small studio games at the event. It will also focus solely on gaming, and will not introduce new hardware, such as PlayStation VR. Watch PlayStation.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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