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PlayStation 5 Buying Guide in Iran; Disambiguation of models and regions

About a year has passed since the beginning of the ninth generation of video games; The generation that came with the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. We can safely say that the beginning of the ninth generation and its first year had nothing to say compared to the previous console generations. Last year, with the release of PlayStation 5, we wrote an article to stop you from paying imaginary figures for this console. During this one-year period, the situation for shopping has improved a bit. We are still talking about last year, but if you have decided to buy a PlayStation 5 and you want to get this console, it is not bad to know a few things before buying.

The first point is that the purchase price of a PlayStation 5 This is not true at the moment and this is true in most parts of the world. Either you have to make a console in the countries where the console is officially distributed, during the continuous and challenging efforts to buy, or you enter from unofficial sellers and pay more for the purchase. Clearly, there is no official PlayStation 5 distribution in our country, and rest assured that those who imported the console paid more than the original figure. As a result, you as a buyer will now pay more than the original value of the console.

Another point is the software issue. In the one year since the release of PlayStation 5, there may have been one or two real games and treatments for the console; Games that are very good and can not be found on any other platform. This problem will not be solved any time soon, because gaming companies are facing a completely different process in game development due to the challenges posed by quarantines. Even Sony's own big games, such as "Horizon Forbidden West", "God of War Regnework" and "Gran Turismo 7", which are scheduled for release in 2022, will be available on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. As a result, we can easily say that there will be no obligation to buy a console until next year.

However, when talking about buying a PlayStation 5, there is another very important point that is unique to our country. : The future is by no means predictable. Suppose you can buy a console right now, will you be able to buy one in six months or a year? We are not economists, but our personal experience of living in this country has taught us that the value of a currency will not remain the same. Of course, if you want to wait to buy a PlayStation 5, there is a solution, and that solution is to preserve the value of the money you have set aside to buy this console. We also have answers on how to maintain this value, but as we said, we are not economists, so do not listen to us.

With all this, if you have read all the stories we have told and still intend to buy If you have a console, then check out the different models and versions of the PlayStation 5 console.

Keep in mind that this is a guide to buying a PlayStation 5 "in Iran", because Recently, we learned that the sellers of the supplement are resorting to tricks, tricks and insane lies in order to make their goods look better and mold the buyer at a higher price. In this regard, we saw it as our duty to clarify the issue as soon as possible.

Different models of PlayStation 5

You may enter a store to buy PlayStation 5 and the seller will assume Say "this model is made by someone and another model is made by the same" and give you a different price for each model. Leave the store in seconds as soon as you start the game play process; A process that will ultimately lead to a much higher payout for the same product that makes no difference. And their serial numbers are all made in two or three identical production lines. All of these product lines are located in China without exception, and not only is there no plan for Sony to build consoles in another country, but even if that happens, it will not make a difference in the final product. The product we are discussing is not fruit or meat, for example, Dutch mutton of higher quality than the mutton of your local livestock.

BingMag.com PlayStation 5 Buying Guide in Iran; Disambiguation of models and regions

The console uses a special chip, which is also made in a factory in China, for example, Foxconn, and is sent to Sony factories, which is also sent back to China. It does not even matter if the console is made of production line number 1 or production line number 2, in the end, chips and boards and materials are used in its construction and the final product is the same.

Let it be easier to say: Your console box belongs anywhere, the product inside is the same and it makes no difference.

About a month ago, Sony slightly changed the hardware inside the PlayStation 5 console. These changes are always made with the goal of reducing manufacturing costs and increasing profitability, and have no effect on the final performance of a console. Sony is always looking at hardware and looking for ways to improve it, but these changes are not for the consumer but for themselves.

  • The new PlayStation 5 is no better or worse than the previous model

Sometimes it is possible to change the memory component to solve the problem of component shortages, for example, and so on. Even a small change affects the serial number of the device. A serial number that is specifically designed for use inside Sony and the consumer does not have any knowledge of how to read it. If someone discusses the serial number when buying a console, do not doubt that he wants to put a hat on your head. Neither he nor you can figure out anything from that serial number. That serial number is for the Sony operator who, as soon as the console is returned, by entering the serial number, they will find out which series the console is from and what model of parts is used in it.

Once again, it is easier to say: The serial number and model number of a console do not make any difference on that device and are not fundamentally for you and me. The serial number tells the console series, and no one but Sony knows exactly what each letter and number means. If you are talking about a serial number, know that it has become a toy in the hands of some profiteers.

BingMag.com PlayStation 5 Buying Guide in Iran; Disambiguation of models and regions

The same goes for the console and its handles and accessories. As of this writing in November 1400, there are no accessory accessories, not even unofficial accessories for the PlayStation 5. One hundred percent of that will not be the case in the near future, but Sony has not yet even allowed the official batch companies to make the PlayStation 5 batch, let alone make counterfeit versions. For now, you can slap hard on the mouth of a salesman who says my console and handle are genuine and the rest is counterfeit. But do not forget to do in the future that he may be right.

What to do when buying PlayStation 5 ? First of all, choose whether you want a disc drive model or an all-digital model, then buy the cheapest model. We mean, if the seller says this model and this region are cheaper and the other is more expensive, some serial number is better and one is worse, you buy the cheapest and make sure it makes no difference. Of course, in our opinion, do not deal with such sellers who intend to deceive you in broad daylight.

But what exactly is the region that these same sellers attach to consoles and parts?

Regions The various PlayStation 5

consoles and even other products offered by large companies around the world will be specifically packaged with the target market in mind. Let 's say once again, as soon as we repeat: they will be "packaged" according to the target market. There is only one type of product and the product we are discussing here is PlayStation 5. Depending on the country and region in which the console is to be sold, this product is placed in a different box; The box on which the inscriptions and the booklet inside are set with the language and warranty of the target country.

As mentioned above, most electronic products are not officially available in our country. As a result, they may enter our country from any area. The console may be packaged for East Asia, or for Europe or the United States. Sony products use three digits. The ones packed for East Asia (Japan and Hong Kong) are Region 3, Europe and the Middle East Region 2, and South America and the United States Region 1.

BingMag.com PlayStation 5 Buying Guide in Iran; Disambiguation of models and regions

Is the product inside these packages different? No. The console is manufactured in the same production line and is packaged for these different areas. Why is the price of a 5-station polyester station more or less the same? The answer we heard was: Consoles that came from the Middle East, specifically those that had Arabic written on the box, had a different shipping cost than the European model console. This shipping cost has affected the final price of the various models.

Does the console region have an impact on the usage experience? The console is the same in all packages and boxes. Buy any model and any region that is cheaper safely and do not accept these strange pricing that is only for the sellers of our country.

So what about the account and the game? Shouldn't my account region or games be the same as the console? Aren't the crosses and circles in Japanese consoles the opposite? And the answer to all this is no. The console region has no effect on anything.

We also asked the seller why anyone might pay more for that European region model, and the answer came as a bit of a surprise: because he does not want Japanese and Arabic on his console box. Written and wants to be in English. Make sure you are not the buyer.

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