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PlayStation bought BluePoint Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has finally officially announced that it has acquired Bluepoint Studios Games. They have always worked well with Sony in recent years and have now been added to the company's in-house studios. However, BluePoint's two most recent successes, the remake of Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 4 and the remake of Damon Souls for PlayStation 5, were both critically acclaimed. Made fans more popular. Now, after the success of the remake of Damon Souls, which Sony recently announced has sold more than 1.4 million copies, Sony has decided to add the studio to its PlayStation studios.

While BluePoint has so far only worked on remasters or remakes of various games, the studio's director, Marco Thrush, explains in an interview with IGN that they will now be working on original content. Of course, the wording of the original content is a bit ambiguous and no further details have been announced. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. "About our next project, we are currently working on original content," he said. We can not talk more about it, but this is the next step in the evolution of our studio. The transition from making simpler reconstructions (remasters) to complete reconstructions (remakes) was a test for us to be able to get closer to the next step with more effort. At the time we created the God of War remastered collection (for the Plastation 3), there were only 15 of us, but now we have 70 employees, up from 95 at the height of the Demons Souls remake. (Of course, there was also outsourcing in the development of the game.) "

" He adds: "Our studio has a lot of experienced people inside. The average experience of studio staff in the video game industry is about 15 years, and all of them come from studios that have been developing their original games. It's not like we're just a bunch of developers trained just to create game remakes. In our hearts, we have the mentality of making new and original games, and now we are finally ready for it with the support of Sony. "We want to show what we can do and also show what PlayStation can do." They are provided to be able to create a new work that belongs to them. Of course, we may not see the introduction of their new game any time soon. There are also rumors that in addition to a brand new game, they are working on a smaller project that is a remake of a Sony game. At the moment, however, we can not take the rumor seriously. It is rare to imagine another foreign studio that knows PlayStation better than them; "Because they have collaborated with many of our studios over the years and worked on many of our great and iconic works."

BingMag.com PlayStation bought BluePoint Games

Holst goes on to say that he has had experience running an independent studio before and therefore did not intend to put more pressure on BluePoint to negotiate the acquisition of the studio. For this reason, Holst first allowed Bluepoint Studio to work with full focus on the production of the Demons Souls game, so that after its release, serious negotiations could take place for the acquisition of this studio.

The director of Bluepoint Games Studio also spoke about this issue. "All these years, we've loved working with PlayStation," he says. There really is no one else we want to work with instead of PlayStation. So we negotiated with them, and that's what happened. Now, our future is very bright. As Herman says, there are many opportunities ahead of us. We have the full support of Sony. "We do not need to become a huge studio in terms of staff, we will now have a lot of help from Sony that can meet our needs and preserve the culture within our studio."

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