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Play Overwatch for free for a limited time

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> <b>Overwatch</b> for <b>free</b> for a <b>limited</b> time

With the return of the Winter Wonderland seasonal Christmas event, Blizzard has released the popular Overwatch game for free. The game is available until January 2, 2022 (December 12, 1400) free of charge and allows players to experience all the heroes, maps and different modes. Of course, those looking to experience the game on Xbox and PlayStation consoles will need Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, respectively. Get different lotto boxes, apply various skins and decorations on your character and participate in almost every game mode from Quick Play to Arcade. However, Competitive Play mode can not be experienced for free. Finally, if someone decides to buy the game, any improvements they make in the free version will be automatically transferred to the original version, so there is no need to worry about that.

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> <b>Overwatch</b> for <b>free</b> for a <b>limited</b> time

The Winter Wonderland seasonal event is now underway and has introduced new decorative items to receive through lotto boxes. There are also weekly challenges and a new game mode called Freezethaw Elimination. This new mode puts players against each other in groups of four. When one of the players is killed, it freezes somewhat. Teammates can get each other out of this situation, and the team that freezes all rival players will win. On the other hand, the characters of Orisa, Genji, D.Va, Baptiste and Wrecking Ball all receive new legendary skins. Tracer, Symmetra, and Brigitte also receive epic skins that can be obtained in weekly challenges with new sprays.

Decorative items from previous Winter Wonderland events are also available. Available for discounted purchases. So now is a good time to buy your favorite items. The Winter Wonderland 2021 event ends on January 6, 2022 (December 16, 1400).

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> <b>Overwatch</b> for <b>free</b> for a <b>limited</b> time

Overwatch multiplayer online game is now available on eighth and ninth generation Xbox consoles, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. The release of the sequel to this game was postponed to an unknown time in 2022. In other news related to the series, the Dark Horse comic Ourach has recently changed the name of the game's cowboy character to Cole Cassidy. The change came as a result of the ongoing harassment case against Activision Blizzard.

Source: GameSpot

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