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Play with digital currency; The future of gaming or a clever trick?

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> with <b>digital</b> <b>currency;</b> The <b>future</b> of <b>gaming</b> or a <b>clever</b> trick?

The gaming world is constantly evolving. That's why different companies are trying to contribute to this progress. Progress in the gaming world means diversity. There are so many styles of Play right now. From role-playing to two-dimensional and platformer, there is one game for almost everyone. One of the most important beliefs in society is that gaming is just a pastime. It may seem ridiculous to some to spend hours trying out a game without making any money. The point is, gaming is not a simple pastime. It is an industry. Like a football game that the viewer just watches and enjoys, gaming has two different aspects. They take. Of course, this is just a simple plan. There are many things that make gaming a profitable and powerful industry.

Now you may be wondering what would happen if you made money from gaming as a consumer? That is, as you played, you earned money, or the money in the game had real value. This is where the cryptocurrency debate in video games comes into play. People's views on this issue are also very diverse. In this article, I intend to examine the issue of digital currency in video games. Join me.

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> with <b>digital</b> <b>currency;</b> The <b>future</b> of <b>gaming</b> or a <b>clever</b> trick?

History of digital currency in the gaming world

digital currency The technology is relatively new. For this reason, one can not expect games made with digital currency to have a long history. Games made using digital currency are called Blockchain Games. In these titles, instead of in-game currency, digital currency is used for buying and trading.

It was the first time in 2017 that the use of digital currency in a game was introduced. The name of this game was CryptoKitties and it was released in November 2017. The player buys an NFT using Ethereum. It's a lot to have a pet and one has to raise that pet. It can even be paired with another breed to give birth to a new baby and then sell it. In general, the game attracted a lot of people until it ran into problems in December 2017.

In the same month, one of the game's virtual animals was sold for $ 100,000, and this led to Attract the attention of responsible factors. Especially since about 30% of the total Atrium transaction was done in this game. One of the problems of the game was the delay in completing the players' transactions. This was also due to the weakness of the server. The developer could not support the game after its release and expansion, and Cryptocurrency ended up on its way.

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> with <b>digital</b> <b>currency;</b> The <b>future</b> of <b>gaming</b> or a <b>clever</b> trick?

Crypto Kitiz is the first blockchain game.

Since then, various games have been released using digital currency. Another example is Axie Infinity, which was released in 2018. The game became so popular in the Philippines that many people earned and lived from it, and the experience of this game became a job.

In 2020, with the outbreak of the Corona virus, various currents in the gaming world Also changed a lot. Many people settled down and turned to blockchain to make money. For this reason, the culmination of these games should be considered the year 2020. Now the question is, is digital currency in games the future of gaming?

The future and problems of blockchain games

After these standalone games showed their potential, big companies like Ubisoft ) Also welcomed the story. Even Electronic Arts and Square Enix have expressed interest in entering the field. However, making and using digital currency is a very risky and difficult category.

Every company makes a profit from each transaction by using in-game digital currency. Just like what is done in a card-to-card transaction. You intend to transfer 500,000 Tomans, but you will lose 501,000 Tomans. This is a thousand tomans of bank profit from your transaction. This is exactly what is happening in the discussion of blockchain games. The problem now is that companies that have embraced the use of digital currency are extremely greedy and do not have a good track record of connecting with the gaming community. Electronic Arts, which has severely damaged its reputation with its transactions and loot boxes. Therefore, if a project is made by this company, it is expected that it will have many problems in this regard.

The next problem is that at the moment we do not have big and famous games that use digital currency. Because gamers are interested in video games and gamers from blockchain games They did not welcome it at all. The existence of many tricks with extremely vague descriptions makes blockchain games extremely unreliable in the gaming world. Now your question may be that if the audience of these games are not gamers, then who plays them to succeed?

The interesting thing is that the audience of blockchain games is mostly not gamers. For this reason, they do not have much information about game development and its performance process. By 2020, when we saw a significant increase in users of blockchain games, most of them were people who could no longer go to work. Gamers did not make much of a difference in their lives during the Pandemic era, which is why the rise of blockchain titles was due to the unemployment of non-gamers.

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> with <b>digital</b> <b>currency;</b> The <b>future</b> of <b>gaming</b> or a <b>clever</b> trick?

Ubisoft's quartz project failed, and the company decided to complete the project. Many people also invested in it and made a loss.

This is where the opportunity for abuse arises. People who are in dire need of money or people who think they can make money without work and effort are encouraged to do so. This causes various games to be abused and then suddenly disappear.

One example was a scam by Ubisoft. The company decided to discuss Ghost Recon: Break Point with Ubisoft Quartz in Ghost Recon: Break Point. Ubisoft initially decided to build the project, and this continued for some time. The Ubisoft project then failed and did not have much success. For this reason, the company also announced that it would no longer offer content for the breaking point. However, the money of the people who bought the gifts was not returned!

  • The work of Ghost Rkan Breakpoint was completed; The game will no longer receive new content

This was a great example of this. However, several other companies and individuals have announced that they intend to make various games based on digital currency. These scams, big and small, make people distrust the digital currency debate in gaming.

The game approach is very different from digital currency

gaming companies make money the other way around. For this reason, they do not welcome the issue of digital currency in their games. However, as we said before, most people who experience these games are non-gamers and do not realize the problems.

Currently, financial transactions in the gaming world are very high. From buying credits and subscriptions to buying different games. The argument is that adding digital currency to the gaming world is a completely futile move and will only increase the transaction of these items and increase the value of one digital currency unit over another.

The interesting thing is that blockchain games have been released. They are also made by non-gamers. These people have very little knowledge of the gaming world and only think about its benefits. That's why these games also have a lot of problems in terms of design (game design).

One of the games I came across recently was Illuvium. The first thing that caught my attention was the pictures I saw of this game. The game had similarities to Gwent. Because I've been playing Gwyneth for a long time, I thought about the Illuvium experience. After reading about it for a while, I saw some strange things in this game. First, the game is based on a discount and the purchase of cards and other items. However in the description it is written that this game is in the style of open world and adventure. You will perform various missions in Illum and receive Atrium. On the other hand, you can sell your various cards and receive money. You can even buy different items. In principle, the transaction in the game is completely real and is done using Atrium.

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> with <b>digital</b> <b>currency;</b> The <b>future</b> of <b>gaming</b> or a <b>clever</b> trick?

Illuvium is one of the most dubious releases and the description of this game does not correspond much to the gaming world.

Now, the first strange thing about the game is the combination of open world mode with a card. Something we do not see in this long time. On the other hand, in the description of this game, there is a lot of focus on the discussion of searching for it, while the published video and images all show the campaign and card sections. In a way, there is no reference to the world at all. This contradiction made me very skeptical of Illuvium.

The discussion of innovation in the gaming world is commendable, but both must be shown. It is true that during this period we did not see a combination of card style and open world games, and the presence of a new game in this style can be gratifying. However, a lot of emphasis should be placed on the details of the game. Not that a whole part of it should be completely ignored. Building an open world and a vast world not only requires a creative brain but also a vast infrastructure. If you look closely, you will find that indie games are rarely open world style. one of The reasons for this are the extremely extensive need for infrastructure. Something that is basically available to large companies.

Metavars has nothing to do with gamers!

Metavars is something that was introduced a while ago. This completely virtual world will allow you to have a new life in it. Socialize with different people. The point is, first of all, Metavars is not a completely new idea. There has been something called VR Chat for a long time and it has a similar framework to Metavars. It is true that, like Metavers, it is not possible to buy land or get various discounts. However, in general, it is very similar and there is a lot of freedom of action in VRChat.

Building a completely virtual world requires a very large infrastructure. The point is, this infrastructure and capabilities are in the hands of big gaming companies like Blizzard, and other companies do not have much access to it. If you pay attention, one of the interesting things about Metavars is the design of very simple characters. The appearance of people in Metavars is almost similar to the Avatar on the Xbox 360. Metavars may be a very interesting topic for ordinary people, but it is a trivial idea for gamers.

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> with <b>digital</b> <b>currency;</b> The <b>future</b> of <b>gaming</b> or a <b>clever</b> trick?

The idea of character design in Metavars is very simple and very different from what we see and expect in games.

Because gamers have long been drawn to great games Like GTA Online, World of Warcraft and other such titles are available, and a virtual world is nothing new to them. Even the subject of Metavars may seem boring to gamers.

Now why did we raise the issue of Metavars in the meantime? One of the main pillars of Metavars is digital and exchange currency. For this reason, this is another reason why digital currency has no place in gaming. Crypto is generally very popular in Metavars, while gamers did not welcome Metavars very much. That's why the digital currency and meta-exchange debate has so little to do with the gaming community. Also, the concept of Metavars is different for each company it joins. Of course, this variation is very interesting, but it shows the instability of this platform.

BingMag.com <b>Play</b> with <b>digital</b> <b>currency;</b> The <b>future</b> of <b>gaming</b> or a <b>clever</b> trick?


Note that, as I said, I'm not against creativity and the new in the gaming world. However, creativity should not be a scam. So far, blockchain games have not been very successful, and even despite the growth they saw in 2020, they still could not continue their success. The main discussion is here. These games are not continuous and are extremely risky. That's why if you have money that you do not need, you may want to do a lot of research, some of these games may be worth your short-term experience.

The problem is that if you are constantly improving and long-term Stay in it a lot, it will most likely hit you soon. That's why adding digital currency to the gaming world has not only not improved it, it has also pushed it back. This means that gaming has been stable for a long time. Now, with the advent of digital currency, gaming stability is disappearing. It is true that Electronic Arts and Ubisoft announced their readiness, but we have already explained that these two companies do not have a good record. This is why the situation gets worse when companies like Rockstar and Steam give the green light to this issue. This is where the gaming world gets infected and will suffer a lot.

The important point is that the world is returning to its original state. For this reason, people will definitely be more inclined towards real money than digital currency. The value of these items will also decrease and their glow will also disappear.

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