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A Plague Tale Requiem release date announced; Check out its new gameplay

BingMag.com A <b>Plague</b> <b>Tale</b> <b>Requiem</b> <b>release</b> <b>date</b> <b>announced;</b> <b>Check</b> <b>out</b> its <b>new</b> gameplay

Focus Entertainment and Asobo Studio have just unveiled a new trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem since its release.

Plague Tale series shone amazingly well, it is not surprising that the sequel is one of the most anticipated games of the year for many players. The game's synopsis states that Amicia and Hugo travel to the south and its bustling cities after fleeing their devastated land. They try to start a new life there and control Hugo's curse.

However, when Hugo's power gets out of control again, death and destruction return with a flood of mice. The brothers and sisters, who are once again forced to flee, place their hopes on the predicted islands, which may contain the secret of Hugo's salvation. In the meantime, players must overcome enemies and challenges with all kinds of weapons, tools and supernatural powers and fight for their survival.

BingMag.com A <b>Plague</b> <b>Tale</b> <b>Requiem</b> <b>release</b> <b>date</b> <b>announced;</b> <b>Check</b> <b>out</b> its <b>new</b> gameplay

Announcing the release date of the game comes with a trailer of its gameplay that shows many parts of the game. This trailer starts with a chase sequence and then continues to the tense part of the game. This section, which demonstrates many of the game's tools and weapons in action, ends with Hugo controlling a large group of mice to destroy a number of enemies.

Excited enough to spend more money on the Collector's edition of the game, there is good news for you. The game publisher will release this version for $ 189.99, including a copy of the game, a 20cm resin sculpture by Amicia and Hugo, a metal brooch, three lithographs and a gramophone record of the game's music.

A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released on October 18, 2022 (October 26, 1401) for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. In the meantime, the Nintendo Switch version will be available to the owners of this handheld console in the cloud. The game will also be on the game after service on the day of release. The development studio has confirmed that it has partnered with Nvidia to implement retrieval and DLSS technology in the PC version of the game.

Below you can see the 12 minutes of new gameplay released from the game.

Source: Gematsu

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