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Photosynthesis slave study; Trying to build a green ground with dull colors

Hamoon Dehchaei has gone to the review of a special and different slave this week. Photosynthesis takes a different approach to asking players to fill the field in front of them with trees and make sure the trees receive enough light to grow. Photosynthesis, as a typical slave game, has a relatively complex process; A process that is well talked about in this review video.

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. Players first place their seeds on the main page of the game, and each time, as the amount of sunlight is received, these trees grow, leading to higher scores for their owners. As a game that is entirely about planting trees, the Iranian version of the board game is made using wood; This is not a very interesting topic. In addition to the material of this slave, the colors of the trees are not well absorbed by the water and do not have the necessary greenery and charm. You can see the full review and description about Bradgim Photosynthesis in the video.

For more information on Bardgim Photosynthesis, we invite you to watch the video above.

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