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Phil Spencer: NFT-based games are mostly tricky

BingMag.com Phil Spencer: NFT-based games are mostly tricky

If you have been following the news of video games these days, it is likely that some of the industry's largest publishers, including Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, have expressed interest in NFT (Unchanged Password or Unique Key) Games Notified Fortunately, though, not all major publishers are going to get it right away. Xbox chairman Phil Spencer recently voiced concerns about NFT-based games. He feels that these projects are more for the benefit and exploitation of the audience than for entertainment.

In an interview with Axios, Spencer said that the current state of the NFT in games is full of speculation and experimentation. He said that exploitative games are not the kind of content he wants to see in the Xbox Store window. "What I'm saying about NFT today is that I think there's a lot of speculation and experimentation going on, and some of the creativity I see today is more about entertainment than entertainment," he says.

And give NFT, but as Spencer says, this is just the beginning, and many are exploring its various dimensions. However, it can be easily expected that a significant number of these works will enter the market for the purpose of exploiting and abusing the audience.

Source: GameIndustry.biz

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