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Peter Moulinho's new game sold میلیون 40 million before the release of NFT

Peter Molinio's studio 22cans was able to raise about NFT 40 million (unchangeable code) before the release of its first blockchain business simulation game called Legacy. It's clear that this urban management game has its own digital currency, and this weekend they were able to sell their virtual NFTs in the game for real money. The Baron's hope is that they will be able to make money through other players and business collaborations and the sale and purchase of these fields in the world of this game.

Moulinho The Legacy project was first mentioned in 2017, but by Saturday, when it was announced that in-game sales would be announced, the project was largely unknown and we did not know much about it. It is now clear that this is a purely commercial project. In this game, you design, build and maintain a corporate town so that its residents, who work in its factories, make products that you have invented and sell them. Since the game is based on NFT and a digital currency called LegacyQueen (a newly created digital currency in the Atrium blockchain), you can buy a fictional land to own a fictional land and hope to earn money from it. Gala Games, a blockchain game company based on 22cans Studios, is in the project with 22cans "Having an NFT field allows you to set up your in-game blockchain community in Legacy," he said. You will be able to experience this game and earn money by owning what you have in the gameplay. "

" In particular, as a business owner, You will have access to the Legacy keys in the game. These items can be lent to other people who want to start an in-game business in Legacy, making them their in-game business partners. "As part of this partnership, they will share with you their share of LegacyQueen."

While the game is not yet available to any of the players, they are almost all They have sold Land NFTs. All land sold is worth a total of more than 14,000 atriums, or. 40.5 million in real money. The most expensive was a piece in London, which was actually a limited edition of a rare ancient (artificial) piece that sold for around 7 670,000.

BingMag.com <b>Peter</b> <b>Moulinho's</b> <b>new</b> <b>game</b> <b>sold</b> <b>میلیون</b> 40 <b>million</b> <b>before</b> the <b>release</b> of NFT

The ability to make money from LegacyCoin depends on both the work that is scheduled to be released in 2022 and the people who actually bought it and are supposed to Play it. Unfortunately, 22cans Studios does not have either of these in its legacy. Their first game, Godus, started on Kickstarter before it was released, raising $ 520,000. After receiving poor feedback on the work and its sequel, Godus Wars, they abandoned the game to move to a mobile game called The Trail, which came with a variety of in-app and glitch payments, and to transfer their purchases when Unable to buy a new phone. Godus is still available as an early access game on Steam, and after 5 years there has not been an update yet that speaks volumes.

2022 is likely to be the year that many developers will turn to NFT Went. In addition to the new game by Peter Molinio, the creator of Fable, we can mention Ubisoft, which has gone to the NFT for a series of appearance items in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and has even introduced its own platform called Ubisoft Quartz. Will Wright, the designer and director of The Sims, has also announced that he is building an NFT-based game.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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