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Overwatch 2 game preview; They don't cover the head that doesn't hurt!

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

Overwatch is one of the best shooter titles made in the last 10 years. This game, with its creativity in the field of characters, has made the shooter style, which had very little variety, become very interesting and fun. The manufacturer of Overwatch is Blizzard, which we have heard a lot about during this time. From internal problems to being bought by Microsoft, all of them had an impact on the company's progress.

Blizzard tried hard to show that these problems did not affect Overwatch's development process much. However, when you experience the beta version of Overwatch 2, you will realize that this is not true. Overwatch 2 was introduced in 2020. Since the release of this game, it has made a lot of noise. Many people believed that Overwatch didn't need a #2. The same thing made the media to be very sensitive about number 2.

After many criticisms about Overwatch 2, Blizzard decided to make this game free. This move made the gamer's opinion about this game better. Of course, Blizzard made some wrong decisions in Overwatch 1, which caused one of the best titles of the 8th generation to disappear suddenly.

Not long ago, the beta version of Overwatch 2 was released. As soon as you start the game, you'll notice that Overwatch 2 is essentially an upgrade over #1. So stay with us by reviewing the trial version of Overwatch 2.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

The first change you will notice is the change of teams from 6 players to 5 players.

Blizzard's wrong decision and the destruction of Overwatch 1

At the very beginning of the text about We will talk between the release of Overwatch 1. Overwatch 1 is one of the best shooter titles ever made, no doubt about it. This game was chosen as the best game in 2016. Also, for several years, Blizzard supported it well and Overwatch had many players.

One of the attractions of Overwatch was the ability to change characters in the middle of the game. In this way, if you were in the game and you felt that your team needs support so that people don't die, you would change your character to a support like Mercy. This made people with more thoughts to continue playing the game and the diversity in it increased a lot.

This issue had a problem. When you plugged in the headset and went into online chat, your teammates would constantly tell you what character to pick up. This problem was not so acute, but it made Blizzard think of a solution. This is what made Blizzard's fatal decision for Overwatch.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

One of the characters that has become weaker than before is Bastion.

Blizzard added the Role Queue system to the game. This system told you to choose one of 3 categories of characters. These three categories were support, tank and damage. The attractive characters of the game were mostly in the attacking category. For this reason, you always had to wait a long time to enter the game in this category. Sometimes you had to wait 10 minutes to enter the game in the attacking category, which was not pleasant for gamers at all.

This issue made Overwatch 1 gradually disappear from the minds and lose its fans. Blizzard tried to bring players back to Overwatch 1 by releasing more characters and updates. The problem was that as soon as people faced the role queue, They were out of the game. After some time, Blizzard decided to make Overwatch 2.

As we said at the beginning, a title like Overwatch does not need a number 2. Because it is a completely online game and it is referred to as an online service. For this reason, the criticism of Overwatch 2 was extremely high. The fact that this game is free helped its popularity a lot. Criticisms have become much less and its supply has also become more logical. Because Overwatch 2 is a completely new revenue stream for Blizzard. Now we will continue to experience the beta version of Overwatch 2.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

One of the new characters is Jonker Queen, which provides an interesting experience for users.

Overwatch 2 beta doesn't need to be improved if it doesn't have any problems

As soon as you play the game Start Overwatch and you'll notice that Overwatch 2 is very similar to #1. In terms of gameplay, this game is exactly the same as the previous one, which is not a bad thing. Blizzard has done exactly that, if there is no problem, it does not need to be improved. In general, Blizzard's effort in this new game is to fix the problems of the previous title.

At the very beginning, it should be said that there is a role queue system, but it is selective. When you decide to enter a game with You will be faced with a choice. You can choose the role queue system, which some people may prefer. You can choose the Open Queue system. There is no limit in your open queue system and you can choose any character you like. Basically, the original version of Overwatch was the same.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

In Overwatch 2 you can choose the mode you like to play.

From what I experienced, the open queue mode is more popular. Of course, this situation is not without problems and the main problem is the imbalance of the groups. However, core Overwatch fans welcomed this mode more. Another thing about teams is the number of people. In Overwatch 2, there are teams of 5 people. According to what Blizzard has announced, the reason for this mode is the strengthening of the tank category. This is partly true because tanks have become much stronger than number 1 and a team does not need 2 tanks.

The main problem here is that in the queue section when only one tank can be present in the team. has, the group becomes highly dependent on its performance. So, if the person who picked up the tank is not very skilled, he cannot perform the tasks of a tank, and the game will have problems in general. In the open queue section, where the discussion is separate and team tasks are not very important.

Generally, as said at the beginning, Overwatch 2 is very similar to number 1. For this reason, it can be considered an update. Even some characters like Reaper have not changed significantly. It has only been improved in terms of appearance and the number of conversations has been added to them. To No. 1

As said, Overwatch 2 has not had any fundamental changes compared to No. 1. However, Blizzard has made every effort to make this game feel new. On the Overwatch website, it is written that all the characters witnessed a change, which is not the case. For example, Reaper or Genji didn't change much from #1.

The first change you'll quickly notice is the ability to choose between queued or open role mode. Something that will definitely be appreciated. The next item is the number of people in each group. In Overwatch 1, each team had 6 players. Two support, two attackers and two tanks. Now in Overwatch 2, instead of two tanks, you have one super tank, which makes this role very important in the game.

In general, Overwatch requires a lot of cooperation, which makes the experience of this game with Strangers can be a bit difficult. With the change of teams to 5 players, the game is heavily dependent on the super tank. If he is a bad player, the team is likely to lose. On the other hand, all other characters, except the tank category, are made for the 6-person game. For this reason, the balance of the game is a bit messed up, which we hope Blizzard will fix by the time of the main release.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

As you can see, most of the characters are fixed and haven't changed much.

Many maps have been added to Overwatch, which made the beta experience very enjoyable. . During the time that I experienced this game, it was rare that I came across a repetitive map. On the other hand, the old maps of Overwatch have also undergone changes. For example, the night maps have been updated and the details of other items have also increased. The first is Junker Queen and the second is Sojourn. Both are very fun and very well designed. On the other hand, these two characters are still not optimized for the game and are extremely strong. This is especially true for Junker Queen. You will see one person in each team who has taken Junker Queen.

These two characters have a strong influence on the balance of the game. Both are very strong and clearly superior to the old characters. For example, Diva (D.va) or Bastion (Bastion) have become much weaker than number 1. That's why few people pick them up. This is while both of the mentioned characters were among the most popular of Overwatch.

One of the interesting points for me was the changes made in Orisa. Orissa has been completely redesigned and has undergone many changes. The character may be similar to number 1 in terms of appearance but completely changed in terms of abilities. Lucio is one of the characters that hasn't changed much, but the added item made this character much stronger. Lucio now has parkour and wall walking abilities. This has made this character much more attractive and its use much higher.

Two new Overwatch characters

Now let's take a closer look at the two added characters. The first one is Junker Quinn. As its name suggests, this character has a connection with Junker Rat. This connection is clear from the appearance of both characters. Jonker Queen is a hero It is a tank and has a lot of life. On the other hand, his special abilities make him much more powerful in the game:

  • Commanding Shout: This ability is the overall power of Jonker Quinn and his teammates. increases for a short time. With this item you can be successful in quick attacks.
  • Carnage: A lethal close hit that causes Junker Queen's enemies to disappear quickly. Let them go.
  • Jagged Knife: Using this ability, you throw a knife at the enemy and then pull him towards you.
  • Rampage (Ultimate): Junker Queen's special ability is this. Using it, you run towards the enemies and destroy them with deadly blows. During this period of time, the enemies cannot recover and on the other hand, They suffer bleeding.
BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

The appearance of Junker Queen is similar to Junker Rat.

Junker Queen is one of the fiercest tanks in the game, which is currently very powerful. It is possible that Blizzard will weaken this character to a great extent at the time of release, however, for now, his presence in every fight is necessary.

The next character is Sojourn. This character is in the attacking category and has unique capabilities. These things make it stand out from other Overwatch 2 characters:

  • Power Slide: This ability will allow Sojourn to move in a direction that the player wants to slip. This will get you closer to your target quickly.
  • Disruptor Shot: This new ability will allow Sojourn to create an energy field. bring. Players who are in this area will have their speed and power reduced.
  • Overclock (Ultimate): Using this ability, Sojourn bullets will become more deadly. . On the other hand, his weapon will always have bullets and does not need to be filled for a short time.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

As we said at the beginning, these two characters, while attractive, do not have a good balance at all. This means that the other characters of the game are optimized for fighting and their strength is proportional to the game. This is if the two new characters are not optimized at all and are already very powerful. Of course, this applies to the beta version and it is possible that these two characters will be weaker in the main game. Vs the player (PvP) is available. If you are familiar with Overwatch, you know that you have to complete the missions of the game to win. Now it wants to carry a cargo or capture an area. The problem is that in Overwatch 1 these missions were not very attractive. The players didn't pay much attention to it and did them only to win the game.

Now in Overwatch 2 these missions have become more boring in a strange way. For example, a new mission has been added to the game where a rope must move two cargoes. Your team has one package and the rival team has another package. There is only one ribbon in the game and therefore you have to move this ribbon to your package. Even explaining this mission is boring. The main problem is that the production team has really spent little time on this.

The appeal of Overwatch is still in its characters and smooth gameplay, and it hasn't changed much compared to the previous issue in terms of missions. Of course, not many parts are available yet and it is possible that we will see many changes in the game at the time of our release.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

Dialogues and game music have changed a lot

This may not seem like much, but it has a big impact on the game experience. In Overwatch 2, you are faced with a lot more conversations than in #1. This means that at the start of the game, when the characters are next to each other, They will talk to each other. Now these conversations can be related to the story of each character or be a reaction to the presence of a character in the team. In general, these conversations have become much more.

Another important aspect of the game that has changed is its music. In Overwatch 1, music was one of the factors that was not given much attention. This is while more attention has been paid to it in Overwatch 2. Each map has its own song and even each character has a special song. You will completely feel that the development team has paid more attention to this issue than before.

A new system for marking has also been added to the game. Now your character can announce what enemy he has seen and where the mission is located. If you feel like a leader, you can tell others where to attack. Of course, few people will listen to you!

Other things are fixed

At the end of the changes section We must say that other things are fixed in the game. Signs and references have not changed. As before, you can choose an emote and use it during the game. Also, as before, there are conversations between the team such as thanking, greeting and other things.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

This part of talking with other characters in the game has remained unchanged and fixed.

The main argument here is that Overwatch 2 is the same number 1 because of the few changes it has had. . The main problems of the game are still in place and have not disappeared. This makes you a little disappointed with the experience of the new issue. Especially if you are a long-time player of the game and expect new content.

Things that were not available in the Overwatch 2 beta

The beta version is basically a trial version. For this reason, it is not possible to officially say which items are present in the main game and which items are not. Player vs AI (PvE) section is currently unavailable. That's why we can't say anything about the experience.

Another thing that was talked about a lot but was not present in Overwatch was the Skill Tree section. Originally, there was supposed to be an ability tree for each character so that players could unlock new abilities by progressing in the game and earning points. This made the players pay more attention to the character They choose. This item was also not present in Overwatch 2 and it is possible that it is only for the player against artificial intelligence.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

As you can see, many parts of the game are still not available.

Overwatch 2 beta experience summary

As mentioned several times in this As we said, Overwatch 2 is the same as No. 1. If you were expecting a radical change from this game, you will definitely be disappointed. On the other hand, Overwatch 2 is not a bad game. It just doesn't have new content. If someone has never experienced this series, They will definitely enjoy it.

The main argument here is that the name Overwatch 2 is too much for this game. Because not much content has been added to the PvP section. It seems that the development team focused more on the player vs. AI part and only improved the player vs. player part. However, the main problems of this section still exist.

BingMag.com <b>Overwatch</b> 2 <b>game</b> <b>preview;</b> <b>They</b> <b>don't</b> <b>cover</b> the <b>head</b> <b>that</b> <b>doesn't</b> hurt!

Lucio is one of the best characters in the game right now.

In my opinion, Overwatch 2 is heavily dependent on player vs. AI. Basically, it is this part of the game that shows that it deserves a new title. Otherwise, Blizzard tried to revive a lost title by making Overwatch 2. A game that, due to its huge potential, got away from its prime after a relatively short period of time due to the wrong decisions of the manufacturing company.

The fact that Overwatch 2 is free can be considered the main positive point of the game. That's why many people can experience it. On the other hand, due to the monotony of free titles, which are mostly in the style of Battle Royale, the existence of such a title is necessary. Set to attract. As we said, the part that makes this game worthy of number 2 is the player vs AI part. Except other parts have only a small improvement and it is more like an update.

Overwatch 2 game will be released on October 12th for 8th and 9th generation consoles along with PC. We hope that Blizzard will listen to the people who have experienced this game and fix its problems.

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