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Nvidia RTX 3050 or Radeon RX 6500 XT; Which is better for a low budget game?

BingMag.com <b>Nvidia</b> <b>RTX</b> <b>3050</b> or <b>Radeon</b> RX <b>6500</b> <b>XT;</b> <b>Which</b> is <b>better</b> for a <b>low</b> <b>budget</b> game?

Graphics card inventory is not currently in good condition. Although some of these cards have dropped in price, they are still relatively rare. The impact that Corona has had on the world of technology will take years to fade. However, Nvidia and AMD recently unveiled their new graphics cards. These two cards are RTX 3050 and Radeon RX 6500 XT (same as the manufacturer). These two are still rare but well priced.

Both gamers' budgets are low-budget. Which do you think are better? Both are made for gaming with 1080p resolution and have the lowest power in their collection. Of course, both support ray tracing. Now join us to compare these two graphics cards.

Price Comparison

The 6800XT is fully budget-friendly. That's why it has a very good price. This graphics card is currently priced at around $ 200. Of course, this price may vary based on inventory. The interesting thing is that this graphics card has the lowest price in the new generation of graphics cards.

Price 3050 starts from $ 300. Of course, this price can vary depending on the manufacturer, such as MSI or Asus. However, at the moment, the ball is in the hands of Iyamadi in terms of price. However, the 3050 card has things that will justify this price more. However, the $ 100 price difference will not have much of an impact on a person's budget. Especially since the price of the parts is so staggering during this period that it is no longer strange!

Comparing the gaming ability at 1080p resolution

The lower price of the RX 6500 XT card is not unreasonable. Because it is not always better cheap and the functional discussion of this card is a complete proof of this. 3050 outperformed the comparisons made in all games. So much so that in some titles this confusion is so great. The point is that on the RX 6500 XT, some titles do not even reach 40 frames, Which is very disappointing.

BingMag.com <b>Nvidia</b> <b>RTX</b> <b>3050</b> or <b>Radeon</b> RX <b>6500</b> <b>XT;</b> <b>Which</b> is <b>better</b> for a <b>low</b> <b>budget</b> game?

3050 has a much better performance than the 6500 XT.

It is true that in titles like Hitman or Alden Ring, the performance of these two cards is close. In other titles, however, the difference is strangely large. This difference is so great that ordinary people will understand this difference. Especially since this difference is coming to an end in Forza Horizon 4.

Overall, the 3050 performed about 37% better than the 6500XT. Of course, considering that the price of this card is higher, it seems reasonable. Note, however, that at a frame rate below 60, the difference in even one frame is quite obvious. For this reason, in general, this 37% is a significant difference.

The lack of performance of this card is due to its low bandwidth (Band Width). It also has only 4 GB of graphics RAM. The 3050 has 8GB of graphics RAM and more bandwidth. Note that if your motherboard has PCIe 3.0 interfaces, the performance of both cards will slow down a lot. So it is better to have version 4 of this interface.

Comparison of performance capability at 1440p

Both graphics cards are not made for gaming at this resolution. However, there is no problem in examining it. The interesting thing is that the 3050 card works easily in this resolution. This is while the RX 6500 XT can not do very well. To be precise, the 3050 card has about 57% better performance than the 6500XT card in this resolution. In some titles, the ID card could not even reach the 30 frame rate!

BingMag.com <b>Nvidia</b> <b>RTX</b> <b>3050</b> or <b>Radeon</b> RX <b>6500</b> <b>XT;</b> <b>Which</b> is <b>better</b> for a <b>low</b> <b>budget</b> game?

The point is that the game settings can be adjusted Did less to perform better. However, this applies to both cards. In principle, the best possible mode is used for testing to use the maximum ability of the cards. In general, the performance of both cards is relatively good. If you plan to change your monitor in the future and upgrade its resolution, 3050 is a better option. Note, however, that if your monitor is 4K, you will need to upgrade the card to 3070 or 3080.

Difference between the two cards

Both cards have Upscaling capabilities for Improve frame rate. Using this technology, the game is rendered at a lower resolution and the image is displayed at a higher resolution. This technology is called DLSS on Nvidia cards. It is also called FSR on credit cards.

FSR is worth turning on. Because it will make a big difference in the performance of different titles, especially in 1440p resolution. However, DLSS technology is more mature. That is why it will show better performance. Basically both one They do, but DLSS does it better and therefore offers a better frame rate.

If you turn on retrying, this DLSS technology works great. In general, retrying greatly damages the performance of the game. Although the visual effect of the game has become much more beautiful, but you have to see if it is worth this drop in performance or not. However, if you use both together, things will get better.

Retrying is not very powerful on the 6500XT. This means that the performance damage of the game will be very high and turning on the FSR will not have much effect on the performance. So in general it is better to use 3050 card retrying.

BingMag.com <b>Nvidia</b> <b>RTX</b> <b>3050</b> or <b>Radeon</b> RX <b>6500</b> <b>XT;</b> <b>Which</b> is <b>better</b> for a <b>low</b> <b>budget</b> game?

In this comparison, the 3050 card is definitely superior.


In principle, it seems a bit of a clich to say that a more expensive card is better. However, given the much better performance of the 3050, this is true. Also, due to the good performance of this card in 1440p resolution, you will be more comfortable in the future. There was almost no indication that the Nvidia card did not perform better than it did. That's why this extra cost is definitely worth it.

The only positive thing about the 6500XT card is its power consumption. For this card you will only need a 400 watt power supply. This is if the 3050 needs a 550 watt power supply. Of course, this may be different depending on your main processor (CPU). In terms of card temperature, we have to say that according to the card manufacturer like Asus, it will be different, but in general, these two cards do not produce much temperature. Also, they are not much different in this regard.

Source: Rockpapershotgun.com

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