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Norman Redas: We have started work on the second part of Death Stranding

BingMag.com <b>Norman</b> <b>Redas:</b> We <b>have</b> <b>started</b> <b>work</b> on the <b>second</b> <b>part</b> of <b>Death</b> Stranding

While no one expected that from Norman Reedus, he mentioned in a recent interview that the Death Stranding sequel Currently under development. Norman Reeds plays the main character, Sam Porter Bridges.

During an interview with Leo Edit on May 17, Reeds recklessly uttered two sentences in two separate interviews. They have recently started the second game, or in other words, the second part of Death Stranding. In part of the interview, the interviewer tells Reeds, "So you go on to the book, you're going to have the final chapter [of the AMC animated series], then you're spin-off, and you're filming the video game Death Stranding." At this point, Reeds suddenly responds by saying, "We're just starting out on the latter."

Then the interviewer asks, "How did this happen?" And Reeds explained in more detail: "Guillermo Deltoro, whose first film was one of his works, called me and said, 'Look, a person named Hideo Kojima will call you and just say yes.' And I immediately said, "What do you mean by just saying yes?" And he said again, "Stop being stupid and just say yes." Then I was in San Diego and Hideo came with a large group of people. He is from Tokyo and showed me that he is working on a game called Silent Hill (meaning Silent Hills, the development of which was canceled due to the Konami-Kojima dispute). I was amazed at what he was showing me and said, "Yes, let's do it." It's like Ms. Not Pacman. It's very realistic, it's very futuristic, it's very complex and beautiful, and I'm absolutely amazed. "

BingMag.com <b>Norman</b> <b>Redas:</b> We <b>have</b> <b>started</b> <b>work</b> on the <b>second</b> <b>part</b> of <b>Death</b> Stranding

"It may have taken me two or three years to finish all the motion capture sessions and everything. "It works a lot, and then the game came out and won all these awards, and that was a big deal, so we're just starting the second part." We do not have to hear such news so easily from the game developers. Strangely enough, Norman Reeds has done just that. Of course, this is not the first time he or other actors or sometimes game composers have accidentally revealed such things. Perhaps one of the reasons is that the rules for non-disclosure of information are much stricter among studios and publishers in the industry. Epic Games Store for PC has also been released. Last year, an expanded and more complete version called "Death Stranding: Director's Impression" was first released for PlayStation 5 and later for PC a few months later.

Source: Gematsu

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