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Nintendo: We've improved the Joey Con switch; Problems still exist

BingMag.com Nintendo: We've improved the Joey Con switch; Problems still exist

While the Nintendo Switch is a very popular console among fans, there is a constant technical problem that bothers some users and that is something There is nothing but batch drift (spontaneous analog batch operation) of this console. In the past, Nintendo CEO had apologized for this problem. Now, in a recent interview for the release of the old Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has reiterated the problem and promised improvements. However, they noted that not all of these issues have been resolved yet.

BingMag.com Nintendo: We've improved the Joey Con switch; Problems still exist

Toru Yamashita "Joey-kan has a lot of different features, so we will continue to work on improvements that may not even be noticeable to some fans," said Nintendo Vice President of Technology Development. "Among other things, batch analogues have been steadily improving since their release, and we will continue to work on further improvements." But he has addressed the issue in some way since the release of the category, as most reports of switch category problems have been from the same model of console release time that Yamashita says over time, even those categories have been reviewed by their quality control unit. And improvements have been made.

He went on to say that parts of the Joey-Kan have been custom-made, and Nintendo has made both quality assurance tests and changes to improve batch stability. Some of these changes have already been implemented and can be seen in the categories that came with the Light Switch or later sold separately.

BingMag.com Nintendo: We've improved the Joey Con switch; Problems still exist

However, the CEO of Nintendo Technology Development says that some of these problems are inevitable due to long-term wear and tear, and He compared the wear of a car tire. "Car tires wear out as the car moves, because there is a constant friction with the ground to rotate," he said. So with the same assumption, we asked ourselves how to increase the durability of the category and also how to work and increase the durability of the category together for the audience at a smooth level because both are important? "This is something we are constantly dealing with."

Source: Eurogamer

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