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The next FaramSoft game is coming to an end; Miyazaki is directing the next project

BingMag.com The <b>next</b> <b>FaramSoft</b> <b>game</b> is <b>coming</b> to an <b>end;</b> <b>Miyazaki</b> is <b>directing</b> the <b>next</b> project

In a recent interview, the head of FaramSoft Studio and director of Alden Ring, Hidtaka Miyazaki, officially confirmed that new games in this The studio is under construction.

In 2018, Miyazaki was interviewed about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and he mentioned at the time that the studio was working on two introductory games. Has not been. It turned out that one of these games was Alden Ring. In response to a question about the process of making the second game, Miyazaki said that the development of this game is currently in the final stages. "I'm currently working on my next play as a director, so I want to avoid giving more details about this project," he said of his future and goals. In the medium to long term, I'm interested in working on a fantasy game that is more abstract than anything we have ever made.

BingMag.com The <b>next</b> <b>FaramSoft</b> <b>game</b> is <b>coming</b> to an <b>end;</b> <b>Miyazaki</b> is <b>directing</b> the <b>next</b> project

It looks like the new Framesoftore game is the sixth version of Armored Core.

It was rumored in August last year. Framasoft is making a Sulzleek work exclusively for PlayStation, a work that's supposed to have similarities to the Dark Souls series. Earlier this year, however, we saw images of Armored Core 6 being leaked, and it looks like this is supposed to be a new project by Miyazaki and his studio.

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Finally, regarding the future of the studio, he confirmed that the production team will continue to release various updates for the Alden Ring game. There also appear to be other games under construction that Miyazaki will not direct. He added: "As I mentioned before, in addition to the work I am currently directing, several other games are being developed by directors other than me, but we are not yet at a stage where I can." Share details of them. I'm sorry about that, but please give us a little more time.

FaramSoft Studio's latest game, Alden Ring, is available on eighth and ninth generation Xbox consoles, PlayStation and PC.

Source: Gematsu

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