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The next copper effect will be built like the main triangle on the Unreal Engine based engine

BingMag.com The next copper effect will be built like the main triangle on the Unreal Engine based engine

Electronic Arts has long used the "Frosbite" game engine to produce a variety of works. A variety of games, such as FIFA and Battlefield, are made with the same highly destructible engine, and this trend seems to be changing with the creation of a new issue of the Copper Effect series. BioWare Studio is seriously considering making a new copper effect with Unreal Game Engine, the latest version of which has attracted the attention of many developers.

According to a job advertisement published by Electronic Arts, The American gamemaker is looking for a technical director to make Copper Effect 5. Recently, the original trilogy was met with fan support and was well received by critics. If we take a look at the information in the job posting, we will see that they need a director familiar with the Unreal game engine. All the options are on the table, it is clear that radical changes are also technically on the studio's agenda. It seems that the Frostbite game engine is finally being phased out and the use of the Unreal Engine 5 engine, which has unique graphics and technical capabilities, is on the agenda.

BingMag.com The next copper effect will be built like the main triangle on the Unreal Engine based engine

It is interesting to know that BioWare Studios produced the original trilogy with the Unreal Engine engine, and at that time special bundles and tools were used by Epic Games. This trend changed with the making of "Copper Effect: Andromeda", and the studio used the Frostbite engine, which also completely changed the game space. This game engine is used by various titles such as Battlefield and has been used by the FIFA game series for several years, but it seems that BioWare is not satisfied with it and is looking to return to Unreal Engine.

BioWare's other game, which used the Frostbite game engine, was Anthem, a major setback for Electronic Arts Studios, and support for the game was officially dropped. The Frostbite engine had a huge impact on the mood of the game and showed the characters of this online work completely lifeless and motionless. The three effects of Copper Effect, meanwhile, were very lively and dynamic. Electronic Arts recommends the use of the Frostbite engine to all the studios it owns because of the reduced cost of making the game, and it is no longer necessary to enter into formal contracts with Epic Games and another company to take action.

Source: VentureBeat

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