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The new Xbox update finally brings the 4K dashboard to the X series

BingMag.com The new Xbox update finally brings the 4K dashboard to the X series

The October Xbox update will be available soon. This update will add a 4K dashboard to the Xbox S Series. The news was announced on the XboxWire website. This new update will also include night mode for both the Xbox S and X series consoles. You can also easily change the access mode from the Xbox Guide section. Now this 4K quality dashboard will be rendered from the beginning. Of course, this is only possible by connecting the X Series to a 4K TV. This will make all the menu icons and Xbox Guide visually improved and much more specific.

BingMag.com The new Xbox update finally brings the 4K dashboard to the X series

An image comparing the quality of the icons before and after the update

A new update will also add a night mode to the Xbox One, S Series and X. This mode allows you to adjust the amount of light. This feature is great for people who are sensitive to bright light or play at night. This mode even allows you to adjust the brightness of the lights on the console. You will also be able to adjust the controller light. A timeline will also be available for night mode. A blue filter has also been added, which will only be available on the Xbox S and X series.

The new update will also have a quick setting. With it, you can control some of the available factors from the Xbox Guide section. The good thing about this is that you will not need to leave the game. These are great for people who play a lot with the Xbox.

Microsoft is working to improve the Xbox. After selling it relatively well, it is now trying to support it as much as possible. Added items such as night mode and other items are not required for a game console. The addition of these items only makes this console offer another factor to compete with the PlayStation 5.

Source: Gamespot.com

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