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The new trailer for Suicide Squad gameplay shows it

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>trailer</b> for <b>Suicide</b> <b>Squad</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>shows</b> it

After seeing a few movies from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Rocksteady Studios has finally decided to make its first gameplay release. Showcased at Game Awards this year.

This highly anticipated game, first introduced in 2020, was developed by Rockstead Studios, which has a history of making the Batman Arkham trilogy. This work brings together a number of well-known DC villains to face and defeat the Justice League champions. Prior to the game's new release, only two trailers had been released, none of which showed the gameplay. The first trailer that was shown at the time of the introduction was a completely cinematic trailer that was mostly broadcast to depict the overall atmosphere of the work. The second trailer, which was recorded from the game itself, showed more details, but that trailer did not reveal anything about the gameplay to us.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>trailer</b> for <b>Suicide</b> <b>Squad</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>shows</b> it

However, with the release of the new Suicide Squad trailer at the Game Awards ceremony, we were finally able to see the first clear view of how the game is played. Based on the crazy trailer and action gameplay of the game, it seems that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has tried to figure out a special gameplay with a combination of different character features. In fact, what stands out in this trailer is a combination of Captain Boomerang's speed and equipment, Harley Quinn's agility and fighting skills, the Shark King's pure power (and, of course, his ability to chew his head), and his precision and ability to move with his jet pack. . In this trailer, with the help of their features, they try to eliminate the heroes who have now turned into bad characters - in this trailer, the focus is specifically on the arrow. Normally, you might think that Flash is unstoppable due to its extraordinary speed, but apparently Suicide Squad members can do that. , We are Dadshot, Captain Boomerang and King of Sharks, who are on a mission to destroy Brainiac as part of Task Force X. However, they must first deal with Superman, Flash, Green Lantern. (Green Lantern), Wonder Woman, and other members of the Justice League, all brainwashed by aliens plotting to conquer the land. It takes place in the city of Metropolis, so the villains of Batman games like Penguin will be in it. , Release Xbox X/S and PCs, although the exact release date is not specified , But the game is currently scheduled for release in 2022. This game will have both single-player and multiplayer co-op sections.

Source: Polygon

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