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The new trailer of Gran Turismo 7 announces the presence of more than 400 cars in the game

Sony and Digital Polyphony recently released behind-the-scenes videos of the Gran Turismo 7 racing game, in which the game's creator, Kazunori Yamaguchi, talks about various aspects of the seventh edition. Recently, a new video has been released that focuses on the list of vehicles that will be available in this game.

At the time of release, Gran Turismo 7 will have more than 400 vehicles, including many It becomes the most attractive car in the history of car racing. Yamaguchi also stated that the game will feature advanced vehicle modeling on the PlayStation 5 and expressed hope that those who experience the PlayStation 4 version will not be disappointed with what is on offer. Finally, he also discusses the culture of choosing a car in this video. As the game developer studio has previously pointed out, an important part of Gran Turismo 7 is car selection.

BingMag.com The new trailer of Gran Turismo 7 announces the presence of more than 400 cars in the game

It is said that the game is supposed to be the culmination of the series and will give a good response to the fans of the Gran Turismo series, and on the other hand, it will start a new trend. "Scapes" is one of those new features that will not have any mechanical impact on the gameplay, but players will definitely spend a lot of time on it. This is actually an advanced photomode mode. Players can choose from more than 2,500 locations in 43 countries as their background and freely photograph any vehicle in the game.

Personalization as one of the game's most vital game elements The races in this version are approaching their best. Everything will be adjustable from performance, suspension, gearbox, brakes, tires and much more. It remains to be seen, however, how deeply this personalization can be done and how it balances the progress of the game. Another area in which the seventh edition has made significant improvements is the climate system. The developer apparently collected a vast amount of meteorological data from several thousand locations around the world, using it to make time and climate change simulations much more integrated. According to the developer, the game will have real landscapes and light changes for different times of the day and weather.

BingMag.com The new trailer of Gran Turismo 7 announces the presence of more than 400 cars in the game

Source: VGC

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