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The new trailer for Gotham Knights shows Nightwing's character

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>trailer</b> for <b>Gotham</b> <b>Knights</b> <b>shows</b> <b>Nightwing's</b> character

Batman may have died in the Gotham Knights game and been off the field, but there are still many heroes to fight the criminals And make the city safe. During the "Summer Game Celebration" event, we saw a new trailer for this new Warner Bros. Games Montreal studio game, which focused on one of the game's most playable characters, Dick Grayson, or Nightwing.

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In this trailer, before Nightwing can show its interesting and impressive combination moves, it has the opportunity to introduce itself to the audience a bit. In the trailer, we see some of the main weapons and features of Nightwing that are probably familiar to fans of this character and other comics.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>trailer</b> for <b>Gotham</b> <b>Knights</b> <b>shows</b> <b>Nightwing's</b> character

The game of the Gotham Knights, in the absence of Batman, puts you in the role of four characters: Butgrell, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood. In this game, they have the task of clearing Gotham City of crime and confronting criminals. This game will have the ability to co-op with a maximum of two players, and the second player can leave or enter the game at any time. The story of the Gotham Knights follows the deaths of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, which has plunged Gotham City into lawlessness and chaos.

This is not the first time Warner Bros. Games Montreal has decided to release a trailer for the game. has taken. Some time ago, they released a trailer of the gameplay centered on the two characters Nightingale and Red Hood. In that trailer, you could see the differences in the fighting style of these two characters. Of course, the fact is that the trailer did not impress fans much and it seems that fans of the Gotham game series have a lot of doubts about it.

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While the Gotham Knights game has taken a difficult path in its development, this work is finally set Released on 3 October 1401 (October 25, 2022). According to the game's recent developers, the game will be available for the PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox X/S series platforms. While the game was supposed to be released for the eighth generation consoles of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game development studio recently announced that the previous generation version of the game was canceled due to focus on developing the game and improving its performance on current generation consoles.

Source: Polygon

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