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The new switch update finally made it possible to connect to a Bluetooth headset

BingMag.com The new switch update finally made it possible to connect to a Bluetooth headset

It may sound a little strange, but until a few days ago, the Nintendo Switch console did not officially support Bluetooth headset connectivity. This means that players who wanted to use a wireless headset would have to get help from another adapter. However, the new Nintendo Switch update finally provides players with Bluetooth headset connectivity.

With this new update, players can directly connect their Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, speakers and other audio devices. Which have wireless output, connect to the switch console. However, since the switch console has a limited number of Bluetooth connections, players can only connect two wireless controllers when using audio via Bluetooth. You should keep in mind that jacks are considered as two separate controllers.

Also, when the switch console has active local wireless communication to experience multiplayer games locally, players will not be able to connect via Bluetooth. Use for headsets or other audio devices. Of course, it will not be possible to connect to a microphone via Bluetooth. It is also normal that depending on the Bluetooth audio device being used, there may be a delay in the sound.

BingMag.com The new switch update finally made it possible to connect to a Bluetooth headset

Update 13.0.0 The game has also added an option called Update Dock. This feature allows players to update firmware on new Switch dockers (including the upcoming Nintendo Switch Old console dock) via the LAN port.

Players who decide They can use the LAN port for wired connection, they can also maintain an Internet connection while the console is in Sleep Mode, and they can continue to download games or add-on packages.

Although these features seem very obvious and have long been seen on Sony and Microsoft consoles, these features have not yet been available for the switch, and now the new update can make it easier for players to work in a number of different areas. . Of course, as mentioned, there are still some limitations, but as soon as Bluetooth connectivity has been added to the Switch console, there is plenty of room. The world continues, including Japan and the United States. While the new model of the Old Switch console will be available soon and is likely to further boost console sales, Nintendo recently cut the price of the standard Switch model in Europe to keep up with other regions.

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