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The new Sonic Frontiers gameplay trailer focuses on combat

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>Sonic</b> <b>Frontiers</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>trailer</b> <b>focuses</b> on combat

E3 was not held this year. However, gaming companies will continue to present their titles to fans in June. Sony recently held its event and released a lot of information about its various titles. Sega is planning to return to the world of video games with its next title, Sonic Frontiers.

A few days ago, a trailer of Sonic's new gameplay was released. Now another trailer of this game has been released. In this trailer, the focus is more on the struggles. One of the important points of Sonic Frontiers game is its open world. Also, the world of this game is relatively large. The new trailer mentions the different abilities of the players to fight.

So it seems that the new Sonic game is not so boring. Because the campaign section is very diverse and attractive. Of course, it cannot be said that the main focus of the company was the construction company. Like before, our lovely hedgehog has the ability to punch, run very fast and thus escape. Now a number of new moves have been added to this character, such as using a wave to repel enemies and other items.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>Sonic</b> <b>Frontiers</b> <b>gameplay</b> <b>trailer</b> <b>focuses</b> on combat

One of the cool additions is Finishers. With these moves, Sonic will destroy his enemies in various ways, which is very attractive. Players can spin a character around Sonic to confuse him and destroy his defense. In general, the variety of movements in this game is very high. So the struggles will never be boring.

Another noteworthy point is the collection of a number of movements from the Sonic movie. So for fans of these movies, the game will be familiar. Sega is working hard to promote its new title. There are different views on the title Sonic Frontiers. Some believe that this game is very attractive. Others believe that turning Sonic into an open world title is a wrong decision. Because Sonic does not have much content. Now we have to wait and see how this game will work.

Source: Gamerant.com

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