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The new Saints Row trailer shows its new city; First look at the gameplay

BingMag.com The new Saints Row trailer shows its new city; First look at the gameplay

After the introduction of the new episode of Saints Row a few months ago, we now see a new and more complete display of the gameplay of this work. This new show, shared by Game Informer, gives us a new insight into this free world game and its imaginary city.

This new trailer depicts 2 minutes of Saints Row gameplay. However, in this trailer, we do not see any special action moments, and most of the creators' focus has been to show the atmosphere of the imaginary city of this work, Santo Ileso. The city that according to this trailer looks like both its size is good and it has a beautiful view. This imaginary city is located in the southwestern United States. Of course, even in this trailer, we do not get a complete view of this city, but the same short details tell us more than the previous shows.

BingMag.com The new Saints Row trailer shows its new city; First look at the gameplay

The trailer starts with the main character of the game riding in a car and the opening moments of the trailer are followed as follows. After a while, we see this character walking in the streets of Santo Ilysoo, where other non-playable characters (NPCs) are also active. After that, a view of the city of Santo Ilso is shown during the day, and at the end we see the general view of the city from a high altitude place.

As shown in the game trailer, this show belongs to In the pre-alpha phase, the game is Saints Row, and it is natural that it is not a complete reflection of the original game. It is possible that with the continuation of the game development process, we will see improvements in the final effect. , Xbox Series and PC are available. The work, which is supposed to be a review of the Saints Row game series, was unveiled for the first time during the opening ceremony of Gamescom 2021. We also recently found out that the new Saints Row episode is set to follow the trend of previous episodes in terms of add-on packages and will have at least three add-on packages.

See the Saints Row game machine.


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