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The new PlayStation 5 model is not better or worse than the previous model

BingMag.com The new PlayStation 5 model is not better or worse than the previous model

Recently, a new model of PlayStation 5 with the code and name CFI-1100 entered the market. After the release of this model, there were controversies and rumors that the cooling system of this new model is worse than the cooling system of the previous model. It has no background and is not better or worse than the previous model. In fact, the difference - if any - is very small. It's console time because Sony has decided to save significantly on the console's cooling system. Not the temperature of the internal components - indicates that the new model is three degrees Celsius warmer than the previous model. Despite criticism of the way he tested, a few days after the video was released, he reiterated his claim, acknowledging that the new model was a setback from the previous model.

BingMag.com The new PlayStation 5 model is not better or worse than the previous model

Some time later, a video was released by the Hardware Busters channel claiming that despite having a smaller sink, the CPU temperature model in The new model is cooler than the previous model, while the temperature of the memory is warmer. They have dealt deeply with this issue and removed the ambiguities that have arisen. Based on their experiments, they found that the real difference between the two models was negligible. Set with it. "The final impression, which can be drawn from several experiments, will give us a simple and obvious result," he explains. Improvements have been made to the temperature regulators, the memory temperature is better in some cases and worse in others (but the overall difference is still only a few degrees). "While the main processor may be a few degrees warmer than the original model, with the obvious assumption that you keep your console in a well-ventilated area, there is no evidence that this would be a concern."

BingMag.com The new PlayStation 5 model is not better or worse than the previous model

He concludes: "Yes, the design of the cooling system in the new PlayStation 5 has been simplified in some ways. Yes, and the indoor temperature results show that in some cases the temperature is cooler and in some cases the device is warmer. "The main question is whether the new PlayStation 5 model is better or worse than the release time model. In response, we have to say that in terms of user experience and the end result, their performance is almost the same." If in some experiments the temperature is slightly different, this difference is very small and practically does not make much difference, and the noise was unnecessary and wrong.

Source: VGC

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