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The new Gran Turismo 7 update made the first improvements

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>Gran</b> <b>Turismo</b> 7 <b>update</b> <b>made</b> the <b>first</b> improvements

The new big update of Gran Turismo, called update 1.11, is the first change promised in the statement made two weeks ago by Polyphony Digital Studio, which after Criticism of the game's rewards system and in-app payments was brought to the game.

This first round of changes is working hard to make the Gran Turismo 7's rewards system more productive. Rewards have increased for the final half of the World Circuit campaign, as well as rewards for the Arcade, Custom, and of course online competitions and Circuit Experience time challenges. World added, on Tokyo, Le Mans and Sardinia motorways. In addition, a series of one-hour endurance races has been added to the Missions section, and each time you participate in it, you can receive up to 1.2 million in-game credits.

In addition to new events and direct increases Prizes, efforts have been made to facilitate the collection of valuable cars in the game and the credit limit earned in the game has been increased to 100 million credits, invitations from car manufacturers to buy rare cars will increase and the number of classic cars in the section Legends and used machines have increased over time.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>Gran</b> <b>Turismo</b> 7 <b>update</b> <b>made</b> the <b>first</b> improvements

This update addresses a number of other game issues. Removed or added changes to the game, the full list of which can be found here. Some of these changes have to do with things like improving off-road physics. Cars, 24-hour tournaments, and online challenges with high rewards will be added to the game. Stood, listened to the words and criticism of the fans and decided to make these changes over time in the game. Since Gran Turismo 7 is supposed to have a long service life as a service-oriented game, it is essential to listen to fan feedback and improve the game because it should always be able to keep the game content well-liked and entertaining for fans./p>

Source: Polygon

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