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The new game from the creator of BioShock has encountered development problems

About 8 years ago, Ken Levine, the famous game developer and creator of the BioShock game series, worked on his new project in the studio. It started its own start-up, Ghost Story Games. However, no specific news about their project has been published since then. Since then, according to Bloomberg, the game has apparently entered the "hell of development" and its development process has been restarted several times and sometimes changed direction. The official introduction or release date has not been announced, it has taken much longer than his previous work. The development of the Shock 2 system took about a year and a half and the BioShock took about 5 years. Obviously, in recent years, the game development process has become more challenging, and each project has its own unique challenges, but 15 current and former employees of Ghost Story Games have stated that there are more problems, some of which are directly due to the way The project is managed by Ken Levine.

After the closure of Irrational Games in 2014 and the establishment of Ghost Story Games, the new studio began working on a design and hypothesis that Levine called " You are called "Lego Narrative". He wanted to create a game that made sure each person's experience was unique. This means that the characters react differently based on the actions of the player and the different scenarios, depending on what was previously selected.

The original plan was for the game to be released by the fall of 2017, and this was game "A sci-fi shooter like BioShock takes place in a mysterious space station where three cults live." The players' choices determine how these three factions react to them.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>game</b> <b>from</b> the <b>creator</b> of <b>BioShock</b> has <b>encountered</b> <b>development</b> problems

Looking for success In the past, Levin, the publisher of Take-Two Interactive Software, has given him the creative freedom that few other people in the gaming industry dream of. According to former employees, while this "lack of oversight seemed ideal at first" later turned out to be "detrimental to their work situation and mental well-being."

Mike Snight , Who was a former developer of game of Thrones when Levin decided to bring him to his new studio to help start his new project, shared some information about how he worked with Levin. "Ken is a person who is really hard to work with," says Snight. "I think he's put a lot of effort into change and he's really done better at the company than Irsnal, because he leads a smaller group of people."

He is optimistic about the project and thinks that its release date may be another two years, but Snow and half of the main team have already left the studio. "When you're constantly in these cycles and you can no longer align yourself, you're kind of tired of being part of it," says Sneight. "I was not really happy working there anymore."

According to former employees, one of the biggest problems was that Levin wanted to create a big AAA game for the BioShock ambition, but this is in a situation where only He has a small part of the forces needed to make a work on that scale.

While this practice has helped him well in the past and led to the production of successful and popular games, but Levin's interest in perfection has led to countless problems for those who have worked with him on the game. As Bloomberg puts it, "One of the constant features of working on Levin's projects is that he never seems satisfied." Levine has a background in drama and initially intended to be a screenwriter, and "he was taught that the process of achieving greatness in a work is accomplished in such a way that he continued rewriting until everything was perfect."

However, this can be a time-consuming and tedious process in a video game development. This means that if the project does not meet his standards, which is usually the case at first, it will take months for him to get what he wants. Levine told AusGamers in a 2012 interview that he had removed the equivalent of two games from the final project during game development.

This philosophy has continued in his new project. Some say that the work may be postponed for weeks or months at a time due to Ken Levine's change of taste. Sometimes the release of an intriguing standalone game like Dead Cells or a shooting game like Void Bastards inspired by picture books, he insists that some of the features of their project be inspired by those works in general.

Many of these factors contributed to the unpreparedness of the game until the fall of 2017, and although it may be frustrating for many inside and outside the studio to hear this, there is a positive point in the studio staff. The negligent approach to deadlines has reduced crunch time in the studio, leading some former employees to say that they are satisfied with the change from the previous situation in the Professional Games studio.

Source: IGN

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