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The new FIFA 23 motion capture system makes this game more realistic than ever

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>FIFA</b> 23 <b>motion</b> <b>capture</b> <b>system</b> <b>makes</b> this <b>game</b> <b>more</b> <b>realistic</b> <b>than</b> ever

FIFA 23 is one of the highly anticipated titles of 2022. Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts) has done its best to make number 23 better than 22. For this reason, FIFA 23 is more extensive than all previous FIFA titles. On the other hand, Electronic Arts has made every effort to make FIFA 23 more realistic than ever. For this reason, it has upgraded its motion capture system called HyperMotion to number 2.

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The motion capture system is responsible for recording the movements of the players. By physically connecting to the players, this device saves their movements and uses them in the game. On the other hand, FIFA's artificial intelligence learning system has also helped to make the game more natural than ever. The interesting thing is that this game even gets information from real football games.

FIFA 23 uses the advanced system of 11 people against 11 people in the game. This means that the players have really fought each other by wearing special clothes. Then, by receiving information in real conditions and combining it with FIFA artificial intelligence, a special algorithm is created that allows the players in the game to react better to their surroundings.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>FIFA</b> 23 <b>motion</b> <b>capture</b> <b>system</b> <b>makes</b> this <b>game</b> <b>more</b> <b>realistic</b> <b>than</b> ever

About 500 new animations have been added to the FIFA 23 game, making it more realistic.

By adding a new system FIFA 23 is visually and mechanically much better than the previous titles. Also, the reaction of the players when the ball hits them has improved a lot and has become more realistic. The gate net has also been completely redesigned in 3D to make scoring a goal more enjoyable than ever. About 500 animations have been added to FIFA 23 so that the movements are more accurate than ever.

The gameplay formula has also been greatly improved

Hypermotion 2 and the new artificial intelligence learning system have made the gameplay of FIFA 23 have many changes compared to before. more features than before have been added to the FIFA collection by these two technologies. One of the important points of FIFA 23 is that no two football games will ever be the same. For this reason, a fixed strategy will not work in this game.

Each player's techniques are different from each other, and the animation of the women's section has also been completely redesigned. For this reason, they are more natural than before. Even with these two new technologies, the movements of left-footed people are completely different from those of right-footed people. That's why FIFA 23 has become more realistic than ever.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>FIFA</b> 23 <b>motion</b> <b>capture</b> <b>system</b> <b>makes</b> this <b>game</b> <b>more</b> <b>realistic</b> <b>than</b> ever

Adding more animations to the game has made the control of each character more precise than ever.

More animations make users have more control over the players. For this reason, the gameplay is deeper than ever. Shooting is not as simple as before by just pressing a button. Rather, users must shoot their ball carefully and calculatedly. If users do this accurately, they will score very beautiful goals.

New animations have made defending more enjoyable than ever. Now you can perform movements that were not possible in the past. As shooting has become more complex, so has defending. With this, your movements in the game are extremely real and you can defend better than ever.

Electronic Arts has done its best to make FIFA 23 not a repetitive game. For this reason, new technologies have been used in this game. FIFA 23 is more realistic than ever. Now there is a debate whether this becoming real is in the interest of this collection or not. We have to wait and see what the users' opinion about FIFA 23 will be after the launch. FIFA 23 game will be released on October 8th (September 30th) for 9th generation consoles along with PC and Switch. Of course, according to what was said, the Switch version has not changed much compared to before.

Source: Blog.Playstation.com

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