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The new Deus Ex feature allows you to choose the gender of the main character

BingMag.com The new Deus Ex feature allows you to choose the gender of the main character

After about 21 years since the release of "Deus Ex" game, Deus Ex has recently created a new material for this game Which will allow you to experience the role of a woman in the form of JC Denton (JC Denton).

This project, called Lay D Denton Project, by a group called Lay D Dev are known, developed. As mentioned, an important and very interesting feature of this material is that it allows you to choose the gender of the protagonist.

Undoubtedly, this material is a considerable effort. All 1700 Jesse Denton dialogue lines have been re-recorded. The voiceover of Jesse Denton is headed by Karen Rohan, and the dialogues are recorded by Chris Rohan. The description of this article reads: "In this performance, every effort has been made to remain faithful to the character of Jesse. All the lines of dialogue are performed directly after listening to the main dialogues of Jesse Man. While we have not explicitly copied any of the dialogues, we have used the original performance of the game as our main source. The changes were made only after careful consideration. In addition, we have tried to preserve the popular dialogues of the fans as accurately and as possible.

However, all gender pronouns and references have been edited to reflect the main character of the woman. The developers of this article say: "Because of the natural rhythm of human speech and the natural sensitivity of the ear to speech abnormalities, this was the most challenging task in this project."

BingMag.com The new Deus Ex feature allows you to choose the gender of the main character

The creators of this material also added several additional little characters throughout the game that are designed to discern the gender of Jesse imperceptibly using a pronoun. However, some of the characters in the game were so problematic that the media producers felt they had to be rebuilt. Be a woman. This model is slightly shorter than the Jesse Denton male model. "In addition to the appearance of the character, all the sounds of the character, including the sounds heard when jumping, running, hitting, dying, etc., have been re-recorded," they said. "Her personality model has changed in the first place to look more feminine." Deus X, developed by Ion Storm Studios, was released in 2000 and became one of It became the most acclaimed video game of its time. Freedom of action in the game choices and even in the appearance, skills and equipment of the main character was one of the highlights of the game at that time. Although it was initially possible for players to determine the gender of the main character at the beginning of the game, this feature was ignored early in the game's development.

Now, years later, this feature has been used by a group of Material manufacturers provided. Since the main team of game developers initially wanted to be able to choose the gender of the main character, we can say that the work of the media producers was even loyal to the main effect. Their effort is tremendous, and if you watch the trailer released for this article, you can see that their work is very much in line with the original game and has not caused any disruption at all. Both in appearance and in sound, they have tried their best to make it possible for them to experience playing Jesse Denton with a female gender. The subtlety of their work has been so great that you may not notice this change if you are not familiar with the main game.

Below you can see the video that was made to fully introduce this material.

Source: Eurogamer

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