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The national gaming engine is being built by Russia to deal with the sanctions

BingMag.com The <b>national</b> <b>gaming</b> <b>engine</b> is <b>being</b> <b>built</b> by <b>Russia</b> to <b>deal</b> with the sanctions

A number of Russian tech giants are looking to build a game engine. This happened when due to the attack on Ukraine, Russian game companies also faced problems in making their titles. Now these companies are negotiating with the ministers to receive a huge budget for the construction of this engine.

Game engines such as Unity or Unreal engine are one of the vital factors for making games. Now, when these two items are not available to manufacturers, these companies will face many problems. Russia has been trying to have digital sovereignty for a long time. This means that he can check all the actions of his users.

BingMag.com The <b>national</b> <b>gaming</b> <b>engine</b> is <b>being</b> <b>built</b> by <b>Russia</b> to <b>deal</b> with the sanctions

Escape From Tarkov game is one of the biggest and most popular Russian creations. This game is built on the base engine of Unity.

Now another step to get closer to this goal is to build a game engine. With this, Russian gaming companies will become completely independent and will not need western devices. Russia has its own social network called Vkontakte. This program is similar to Facebook (FaceBook) and because of this, it gained many fans in Russia. The point is that not long ago the Russian government decided to buy it to monitor its social networks more.

Russia's main problem is that it is completely banned by the world. That's why building a game engine from scratch is not an easy task at all. The problem here is not the only limitation of the budget. But the ability of people to make such a thing is also very important. Especially since currently no company is willing to cooperate with Russia and it is limited in terms of hardware.

It is because of these problems that we will most likely see a Russian game engine in the next several years. we will not be Especially if it is made, only Russian companies will use it. The main problem here is that it is extremely difficult to enter the market to compete with things like Enrail Engine, which has made a lot of progress during this time. This engine will be successful only when Russia remains at the peak of its limitations.

Source: PCgamer.com

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