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Microsoft's Perfect Dark game will be made in collaboration with the creators of Tom Reader

Microsoft has officially announced that Crystal Dynamics Studio, the maker of Marvel Avengers and Tom Reader games, is developing a new game, Perfect Dark. It will help Studio Initiative, and the game will be co-produced by both studios.

A few years ago, Microsoft announced that it had established a new studio called The Initiative. The remarkable thing about this studio was that from the very first day, they put the employment of experienced and senior people in the industry on their agenda. This made many people excited about their first project.

Although it is normal to outsource parts of a game to large studios, Crystal Dynamics Studios seems to be more serious about making the game. This news is very interesting in its kind because this game is a Microsoft party game and has been produced by the company's first party studios so far, but now with this decision, Crystal Dynamics studio, which is a subsidiary of Square Enix, is next to the studio. Initiative to work on it.

Of course, this also makes some sense. Perfect Dark seems to be an ambitious project, but Initiative Studios is not very large in terms of staff, and most of its staff are senior staff. That is why he cannot work on such a project alone. Located in Santa Monica, the studio is run by Darrel Gallagher. He used to be the director of Crystal Dynamics Studios and, along with Daniel Neuburger, one of the directors of Reboot Tom Reader. This means that in the past they have been acquainted with and collaborated with Crystal Dynamics Studio.

BingMag.com Microsoft's Perfect Dark game will be made in collaboration with the creators of Tom Reader

Initiative Studio "Update on Perfect Dark!" He said on Twitter. "We are working with Crystal Dynamics Studios - a professional and experienced team that has worked on games like Tom Reader - to bring this exciting spy game to a new generation."

This is also interesting in its own way. There is no mention of Marvel's Avengers in the Crystal Dynamics studio's history, only the Tom Reader trilogy.

The Initiative added: Ignore and skip it. "We are still in the early stages of developing our game, but we are incredibly excited to take this unique opportunity to present the vision we have for Perfect Dark."

After numerous rumors that The studio's first project to be heard was Microsoft unveiling the reboot of Perfect Dark at last year's Game Awards. Although only one movie trailer of the game was shown, but as soon as a new work of Perfect Dark was to be made after a long time, this was enough to excite many fans of this work.

This The incident has even surprised many fans, but we have to wait and hear more details about the Perfect Dark game development project and see what will happen to Initiative Studio and its first project.

Source: Eurogamer

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