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Microsoft: It was our mistake to shut down Linehead Studios

BingMag.com <b>Microsoft:</b> It was <b>our</b> <b>mistake</b> to <b>shut</b> <b>down</b> <b>Linehead</b> Studios

As part of a recent six-part documentary about Xbox, Xbox executives have admitted that they make decisions and how to manage them in relation to the studio. The Lionhead that led to the studio's closure in 2016 was a mistake that taught them lessons.

The sixth episode of the documentary Power On: The Story of Xbox has a small section that Dedicated to Lionhead Studios. "One of the biggest mistakes we've learned in the past from learning about Studios Linehead is about the studio closing," said Shannon Loftis, director of Xbox Games World Publishing. We had already released Fable 1 and it was a success, people wanted more, so we bought Linehead Studios. "Those were good years."

He adds: "However, after Phable 2, Kinect entered the market and the connection between Phable and Kinect was never really realized. "Fable: The Journey was a passionate project for many people, but I think it went a long way from the elements that made Fable 1 and 2 so popular."

Sarah Bond "We bought Lionhead in 2006 and shut it down in 2016. A few years later, we thought about that experience again," said Xbox's Game Developers Experience and Ecosystem Division. What have we learned and what can we do to avoid repeating our mistakes? " Phil Spencer concluded: "You're buying a studio for work that they're great at right now, and your job is to help them accelerate what they're doing, not them. Accelerate your work.

From what Xbox executives have said, it is clear that Microsoft has misunderstood the management of the studio and gone the wrong way. Even Loftis says he hoped Linehead would still operate as a stable studio. The good part, though, is that Xbox executives have learned from these events and will use them in how they manage their new studios.

Although Linehead Studios no longer exists, their great legacy is Fibel. It is still alive and a new game from this series is being developed by PlayGrand Games Studio. This new episode strikes a balance between old and new ideas for creating a fantasy role-playing game and will be based on the Fortezza game engine, which is a good thing because Fortza Horizon 5 was released a while ago and it is one of the most beautiful games. Made so far we know.

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