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look; Tom Holland meets Nathan Drake behind the scenes of Anchartd

BingMag.com <b>look;</b> <b>Tom</b> <b>Holland</b> <b>meets</b> <b>Nathan</b> <b>Drake</b> <b>behind</b> the <b>scenes</b> of Anchartd

People have largely praised Nathan Drake for his role as Tom Holland in the film Anchartd, but it seems that the actor wants fans to know that this character In fact, how it is formed.

In a newly released behind-the-scenes video, Holland mentions how much he was inspired by Nathan Drake's voice actor in the Uncharted series, Nolan North, and met him on stage. What did filming mean to him? According to him, the meeting with North was an important moment for him, largely because the Netherlands is a big fan of the games in this series. Hollande states that he intended to depict the essence of Nathan Drake Nolan North, without trying to imitate his symbolic voice.

In other words, the actor wanted to stay loyal to the games and at the same time present his unique version of the intention. Nolan North also praised the Netherlands, saying:

I think Tom's choice is great. He is attractive enough for this character, and as an actor, he feels the same passion that Drake has in his adventures.

However, North goes beyond that. Tom Holland's guidance was present on the set of this film. In fact, the voice actor has an honorary appearance in a short scene in the film, which its director, Reuben Fleischer, described in an interview as "handing over the torch to someone else." He added: "Nolan's presence on the set was an incredible experience, as he was very helpful and excited about this version of the character and storytelling." He and Tom had a good relationship, and filming the two together was a lot of fun. Overall we had a very memorable day in the south of Spain (while filming). Watching the two together, I felt that Nolan gave a good life to this character in the games, and now Tom will be responsible for the cinematic adaptation of this character.

In line with the relevant news To this series, the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves package, which includes a remake of the fourth version of the series and the Last Legacy version, is scheduled to be released on June 20, 2022 (June 30, 1401) on personal computers. This package is now available on PlayStation 5.

The behind-the-scenes video we talked about is actually one of the extras in the Blu-ray version of the movie, which will be released on May 10, 2022 (20 May 1401) is planned. The film has also been available on digital platforms since April 26 (June 5). You can watch the published video below.

Source: VGC

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