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look; Reconstruction of the famous scene from the Batman movie in Arkham Knight

Arguably one of the best scenes in Matt Reeves' Batman 2022 is when the beloved protagonist, the Dark Knight, kills the penguin. Recently, a new video of one of the best superhero games in history, namely Batman: Arkham Knight, has been released, in which we are witnessing the Reconstruction of the mentioned scene.

This chase scene takes place in the middle of the film; Where Bruce chases Wayne the Penguin, which ends in a horrific explosion. At this point, the penguin gets stuck in his car and Batman slowly walks towards him. This moment was so interesting that it was used as the end of the main trailer of the film. YouTube has now recreated this amazing moment in Arkham Knight.

To do this, he has been forced to use some of the game's elements, including the ability to use the camera freely and the extra fire effects behind Batman for more epic Use the moment to walk Batman in slow motion. The soundtrack, composed by Michael Giaccino, has also been added to the scene to convey the feel of the film. It is interesting to know that even the penguin is inside the car. This character is not seen in Arkham Knight riding on a car.

BingMag.com <b>look;</b> <b>Reconstruction</b> of the <b>famous</b> <b>scene</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> in <b>Arkham</b> Knight

In line with the news about Batman and the studio Rocksteady is the Gotham Knight game set for October 25, 2022 (October 30, 1401). Of course, it is very likely that Batman will not be experienced in this game. On the other hand, the game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which revolves around Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark, has been postponed until the spring of 2023. The presence of Batman in this work is still unknown.

Batman: Arkham Knight is now available on eighth and ninth generation Xbox consoles, PlayStation and PC. You can watch the published video below.

Source: PCGamesN

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