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look; Modern Warfare 2 gameplay looks amazing

BingMag.com <b>look;</b> <b>Modern</b> <b>Warfare</b> 2 <b>gameplay</b> <b>looks</b> amazing

As promised, the first feature-length trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released at the Summer Game Fest. Activision and Infiniti Studios have partnered with a game mission called Dark Water, which includes explosion scenes, strategic battles, old and new characters, and more. In fact, the mentioned mission shows the heroes of Task Force 141, namely Soup, Gaz, Captain Price, and 4, who infiltrate the enemy ship to prevent the launch of a missile. The trailer begins with tight and dark environments and ends explosively with the display of different parts of the game.

However, apart from the action scenes and gameplay that have an undeniable resemblance to previous versions Modern Warfare series, what catches our attention most in this trailer are the visual effects of the game. As you know, Modern Warfare 2 uses a new engine, which is an improved version of the engine with which Modern Warfare 2019 and other games in the series have been developed so far. This new engine, in addition to improving the artificial intelligence of the characters, includes a new graphic system that has made us see stunning visual effects.

BingMag.com <b>look;</b> <b>Modern</b> <b>Warfare</b> 2 <b>gameplay</b> <b>looks</b> amazing

As you will see in the trailer, the ambient lighting is excellent and the visual effects such as rain and foggy weather are very attractive and high quality. On the other hand, the physics system of the game seems to be at a significant level and various objects have a good reaction to the constant shocks of the ship. The characters' motion animations also appear smoother than ever. became. It is interesting to know that this series will be available again on the Steam platform after almost 10 years. All versions will be priced at $ 70, and the studio has promised to release new, free content such as maps, events and new modes. You can see the released trailer below.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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