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look; Joel and Ellie come to God of War as a manipulation!

BingMag.com <b>look;</b> <b>Joel</b> and <b>Ellie</b> <b>come</b> to <b>God</b> of <b>War</b> as a manipulation!

A new medium has introduced the characters of Joel and Ellie from the apocalyptic world of Last of Aces in a wonderful way into the fantasy world of God of War 2018.


When it comes to exclusive PlayStation games, two games, Last Ace and God of War, usually come to players' minds sooner than the others. These two works are among the best games of their generation and have found worthy places for themselves in the history of video games. Now, if you put the two together, what happens?

This is exactly what Omega Fantasy has done, creating models for Joel and Ellie that will replace Kritos and Atreus in the game. God of War 2018. Not only that, but Joel is equipped with his own backpack, and on the other hand, the ax of Leviathan Kritos has been replaced with a tube, which, of course, has been upgraded in terms of strength compared to the various bricks, bottles and rifles found in Last Ace. And offers a similar function to the ax mentioned.

BingMag.com <b>look;</b> <b>Joel</b> and <b>Ellie</b> <b>come</b> to <b>God</b> of <b>War</b> as a manipulation!

However, they are not just Joel and Ellie. Which have been added to the game. David's character as Baldur will fight Joel at the beginning of the game, and the Dragons have now become scary clickers. David is one of the antagonists that Ellie encounters in the second half of the Last Ace. It is interesting to know that this maker has not limited himself to changing the 3D models of the game and has added dialogs from Last Ace to the game to provide a more engaging experience. According to the manufacturer, it takes a long time to find and edit each of these dialogues.

Which have sometimes made the game attractive and fun. Among these items, we can mention the younger version of Kritos, Sigi and Big Smoke from the game of the giants of San Andres and Mr. Chief. Of course, not all material is limited to changes in the appearance of the characters, and some of them, along with changes in the atmosphere of the game, have improved its performance.

In line with other news related to PlayStation, Nate Dogg Studio recently Has unveiled a remastered version of Last of Ace 1 for the PlayStation 5, and the game will also be available for PC in the future. Recent reports, meanwhile, claim that Regnarok God of War will be released in November this year.

Source: Eurogamer

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