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The list of the top 22 players in FIFA 22 has been announced; Messi at the top

BingMag.com The list of the top 22 players in FIFA 22 has been announced; Messi at the top

As is the custom every year, Electronic Arts has published a list of the best players in FIFA 22. Follow us and take a look at the list of the top players in the league in different leagues, clubs and positions.

The list of the best players in the FIFA game is always published every year near the release of the FIFA game. Electronic Arts usually publishes a list of the top 10 players, but they have changed their habit for this year and published a list of the top 22 players in the game. With this list, gamers will know right from the start which player has scored the most points.

Knowing this is especially important for people who are experiencing areas such as the carrier sector. Of course, the importance of these points in other areas is also noticeable. However, for people who play the ultimate part of the team, FUT Chemistry may be more important.

BingMag.com The list of the top 22 players in FIFA 22 has been announced; Messi at the top

At the bottom of the list are the top 22 players and their scores and positions are also specified. You can see what rankings your favorite footballers have received in FIFA 22 and have seen an increase or decrease in points compared to the previous year. For example, Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo are slightly lower than last year. Donaroma, meanwhile, is 4 points ahead of last year. Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City midfielder 91 91 Killin Mbabane Paris Saint-Germain striker 91 6 Neymar Jr. Paris Saint-Germain left winger 91 7 Yan Oblak Atletico Madrid goalkeeper 91 8 Harry Kane Tottenham striker 90 9 Angolo Conte Bayonne 9 Goalkeeper 90 11 Marc-Andre Triestgen Barcelona Goalkeeper 90 12 Mohamed Salah Liverpool Right winger 89 13 Gianluigi Donaroma Paris Saint-Germain Goalkeeper 89 14 Karim Benzema Real Madrid striker 89 89 15 Virgil Van Dyke Liverpool 9 Midfielder Sean Hyung-Min Tottenham Left Midfielder 89 18 Alison Becker Liverpool Goalkeeper 89 19 Thibaut Courtois Real Madrid Goalkeeper 89 20 Casimiro Real Madrid Defensive Midfielder 89 21 Ederson Manchester City Goalkeeper 89 Livaro Sadio M Left wing 89

Source: Eurogamer

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