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List of common terms for video games; Improve your gaming knowledge!

BingMag.com <b>List</b> of <b>common</b> <b>terms</b> for <b>video</b> <b>games;</b> <b>Improve</b> <b>your</b> <b>gaming</b> knowledge!

You may have come across terms in game discussion groups, online game chatboxes, English game guides, and many other situations. You do not know what it means.

As video games become more and more complex, like any other large field, terms and phrases are being formed around them that need to be explained and defined by newcomers.

The number of these terms is very large and it is very difficult to compile and explain all of them, but some of these terms and phrases are more common than others and knowing them will greatly Improve your work. In this article, we have translated some of these terms collected by the official PlayStation website. Hoping they will be useful. Just keep in mind that almost every phrase with an English equivalent in parentheses is likely to be defined throughout the article. Just search for its name.

Letter A:

Aggro : Agro means to attract the attention of enemies in the game. In most cases, Agro refers to the distance that if the player goes beyond that, the enemy notices his presence and enters the fight with him. In multiplayer games, attracting agro means competitors have targeted the player. In some team games, sometimes the player who plays the role of the group Tank must deliberately attract enemies if his teammates can trick them.

ARPG : RP stands for "Action Role-playing". Action Planning is a subgenre of Planning (RPG) that focuses primarily on combat, exploration, and alignment. Long black holes and hard giants are the hallmarks of this game. Min-max style of play is very common in action role-playing games.

ADS : Ideas stands for "Aim Down Sights" It means aiming with the camera or a sign of aiming. In other words, Ideas means raising long-range weapons at eye level and aiming at the camera or its target.

AoE : It means environmental damage. Iowa refers to attacks that damage a portion of the game environment and any creature inside it, and are not focused on a single target.

Letter B:

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