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Lchak Postmodern Revenge (Game Museum: Monkey Island 2)

BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

In April 2022, Ron Gilbert announced without preamble on his Twitter page that he had been secretly working on a new version of The Monkey Island series is titled Return to Monkey Island, and Dave Grossman, another major member of the first two titles in the Monkey Island series, is set to be released in 2022.

The news was widely reported, reminding many Monkey Island fans (including myself) how much they love the series, and that the news of the release of a new title in the series can still be exciting for them.

  • There is no news on the Caribbean front (Secret of the Monkey Island 1990)

However, this news had an unpleasant aspect for me, and that was that this game is going to be a sequel Straight to Monkey Island 2: Revenge of the Sword, and the other three sequels in the series: The Curse of Monkey Islan. d)

  • Escape from Monkey Island
  • Tales of Monkey Island Tales
  • in its narrative line They are not recognized, although elements have been borrowed from them (such as Murray).

    BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

    Teach a graphic designer technical game, and his game will be beautiful for 2-3 years. Teach a graphic artist a graphic artist and his game will be beautiful forever. Monkey Island 2 is an example of this claim.

    BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

    Graphics The art of the remake of Monkey Island 2 is better than the remake of the first game, but it still doesn't get around to the original game's graphics. They are the builders who have worked on them. This is one of the unpleasant trends in the game, cinema and comics industry, in which someone years later decides to take your work out of the main narrative of the collection (Canon) and retconize the story of your work. In other words, no matter how much creativity you put into a work and create compelling stories and characters for it, there is no guarantee that it will be recognized in the future.

    Of course, if the work is very weak and unpopular, This decision is somewhat understandable. But Monkey Island sequels (especially Monkey Island Curse) were all great games and remained true to the original spirit of Monkey Island. The fact that Ron Gilbert, one of the main creators of Monkey Island, has decided to ignore them does not make a difference in the unpleasantness of the case.

    My second problem with this decision is the nature of the Monkey Island complex itself. Monkey Island is not a closed set whose individual elements have semantic and conceptual coherence. Monkey Island is a crazy comedy series with a whole lot of weird characters and contradictory elements (like the existence of modern technology in the world of the 17th-18th century), and each of the games in the series was practically telling its own story and just a series of subtle hints. Previous games had sets. Returning to Monkey Island could have easily told its own story and had little to do with previous games, but the fact that in these contexts these games pretend to have no external existence at all seems to be a kind of disrespect to them and a gesture taken by Gilbert's ego.

    BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

    Thanks to the strong lighting of the game, the game stages What happened at night is still soothing and heartwarming.

    My third problem with this decision is that the end of Monkey Island 2 was somehow avant-garde and Meta, and is still controversial among Monkey Island fans. Whether it was a good ending at all or not. Therefore, it can not be considered as a holy ending that after 20 years, the series must continue from that point.

    The news of the release of a new game in the Monkey Island series and the announcement that this game is going to be a sequel It's straightforward for Monkey Island 2, it reminds us of this game, and especially its ending, and we have an overview of it.

    The first thing that comes to mind about the game is that Monkey Island 2 is an expanded version of Island. Monkey is 1. Unlike the next in the series, each of which went its own way in terms of gameplay and graphics, and was very different from previous games, Monkey Island 1 and 2 are no different except for their story. But the same story difference makes a profound difference in the experience of the two games.

    Monkey Island 1 was a funny and adventurous story in the world of pirates that had a standard ending: an ending in the clumsy but lovable hero of his love story. Comes and goes Defeats the original.

    BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

    Top view map The game remains strong and efficient as before.

    Monkey Island 2 retains this light-hearted and funny atmosphere almost until the end, but the end of the game enters a dark, strange and psychological phase. Which is very far from the usual atmosphere of Monkey Island.

    Just as Monkey Island 1 had a general plot during which Guybrush Threepwood wanted to become a powerful pirate, Monkey Island 2 had a general plot In which Gaibrash is trying to find a big treasure called Big Whoop. Help him. In the middle of this, LeChuck, the main villain of the story who has come back to life in the form of a zombie, wants to take Revenge on him for defeating Gaibrash in the previous game.

    * Read more Monkey Island 2 risk of being leaked Suddenly the game changes direction one hundred and eighty degrees. Guibrash crashes into an underground organization on the way to find Big Woop, where Lachak appears, and in a scene that is a direct reference to the famous Star Wars episode 5, Lachak tells Gaibrash that he is his brother. In the final part of the game, we find out that finding Big Woop is a red pea (Red Herring) and it does not matter if it is found or not.

    BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

    The voodoo lady continues to play on your mind with her mysterious and complex professions.

    (According to a group of African tribes, a voodoo doll made by one person can be physically harmed), Guibrash succeeds in assembling a voodoo doll from Lachak in the last puzzle of the game and breaks Lachak with it. But suddenly, in a strange twist, Lechak begs Gaibrash to remove the mask from his face. After Guibrash does this, we see that he is his brother Chuckie. A cleaner then enters the room and says that children have no right to enter the room. After leaving the room, the two brothers enter the modern amusement park called "Big Woo" in the form of two children, where they leave the stage with their parents. Before leaving, we see Chuck, whose eyes sparkle with an evil state. In the final scene of the game, I see Elaine, Gaibrash's mistress, asking herself if she's cursed by Guibrash?

    If we want to interpret the end of Monkey Island 2 independently of the next games in the series (and this It makes sense, because the next games were made by other teams), we have to face the fact that this is the infamous ending type "everything was a dream".

    BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

    Competition throwing spit. What does Guibrash do that he does not do to reach a treasure trove? It has a crack. This interpretation explains a lot about the game, such as why the names of the in-game locations are so childish (such as Scabb Island, Phat Island, Booty Island), why Gaibrash has a childlike simplicity, or modern technology (such as a vending machine). And water pump) are present in the game.

    If Monkey Island 2 did not end like this, it could be assumed that the childish and light-hearted atmosphere of Monkey Island is an aesthetic choice by the game's creators, but with this The end of this atmosphere finds much more semantic depth. It is interesting to interpret Monkey Island 1 and 2 as the adventurous fantasies of a lonely boy who may have been an orphan, not related to his Nantes brother, but if you, like me, love Monkey Island world and its characters. This interpretation is counterproductive to you, because it seems that none of the events we witnessed mattered, and Guibrash, as a pirate, has no external existence.

    BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

    Normally, any character you put in a coffin and nail it to your heart might be heartbroken, but Stan is no exception./p>

    Of course, Gilbert knew that such an ending - if it were inexplicable - would be too controversial, so by including Elaine's dialogue about the cursed and evil sparkle of Chuck's eyes, another interpretation of this end was possible, and that too. That is, he cursed Lechak Gaibrash, taking him to a parallel world that, ironically, resembles It's kind of a modern amusement park, and now Gaibrash has to save himself from it. The creators of Monkey Island Curse accepted the second interpretation as the official interpretation, and in their play brought the issue to a head. However, there are more clues and details that reinforce the first interpretation than can be ignored altogether.

    One of the most challenging critiques of a work occurs when you see the author of a movement. He has done it creatively, boldly and out of the ordinary, but it is like a bucket of cold water poured on your head. Your heart does not feel positive about it, but your mind says that there is genius in it. Such cases are difficult to judge, especially when you can cite a world of creative, bold, and out-of-the-ordinary moves that have filled you with excitement and excitement. The ending of Monkey Island 2 is exactly the kind of movement, and that's why I have a warm feeling for it. Most importantly humor. The game is full of creative puzzles that the only solution is to connect the phosphors in your brain with the child inside you. Because dry logic does not work to solve them.

    BingMag.com <b>Lchak</b> <b>Postmodern</b> <b>Revenge</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>Monkey</b> <b>Island</b> 2)

    Lechak continues to seize every opportunity to make life a living hell for Gaibrash.

    One of the most memorable puzzles for me, for example, is Stan. Based on the personality type of a second-hand car salesman, in this game, he has changed from selling second-hand ships to selling second-hand coffins, and is trying to sell them to you with the same taste and enthusiasm as before. To solve the puzzle about Stan, you have to show interest in buying the coffin and ask him to enter one of his coffins to show how warm and soft it is. Once inside the coffin, it should be nailed and hammered to prevent the stone from coming out!

    Another less talked about aspect of Monkey Island is the relaxing atmosphere or The so-called Chill is a game inherited from the first game. Moving between the game's lush islands while relaxing and adventurous music plays in the background and you play the game's playful riddles, it acts like an antidepressant, just like the first game.

    As a Monkey Island fan and Ron Gilbert, I look forward to the return of Monkey Island and return to the lovely world of Guibrash Tripwood. If you want to prepare for the release of Return to Monkey Island, you should visit Monkey Island 2. Fortunately, unlike the Special Edition remake of the first version, the remake of the second version can also be activated on retro graphics, and you don't need to listen to the game's excellent soundtrack to remake the graphics - which, despite being better than the Monkey Island remake It is at a lower level than the main graphics of the game - impose yourself.

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