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Kojima Productions continues to work with PlayStation

BingMag.com <b>Kojima</b> <b>Productions</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>work</b> with PlayStation

After Hideo Kojima announced during the Xbox and Bethesda conference that he was working with Xbox to create a new project, Kojima Productions Studios on its official account at Twitter stated that it will continue to work with PlayStation.

The company said in a message on its official Twitter account that it is an independent studio and has a very good partnership with PlayStation. "As an independent creative studio, Kojima Productions will continue to work on creative projects for fans," said Kojima Productions. We will explore different possibilities for games, movies, and music through platforms that evolve over time and technology. We look forward to your continued support. "

In another tweet, they said in a previous tweet: Sony Interactive asked. "Rest assured that we will continue to work very well with PlayStation." However, it is very strange in its kind that the reactions have been such that Kojima Productions Studios felt the need to react to these ambiguities and provide such an answer. As mentioned in their tweet, Kojima Productions is now an independent studio and can work with any company it wants.

BingMag.com <b>Kojima</b> <b>Productions</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>work</b> with PlayStation

Of course, PlayStation fans shouldn't worry either, and as various reports and Norman Reeds interviews show, Kojima seems to be developing Death Stranding 2 for PlayStation. Death Stranding 2 is probably the studio's largest project by scale right now. Find to make it. This is a completely new game that no one has experienced or seen before. "I was looking forward to the day when I could finally start working on it, and now Microsoft's advanced cloud technology has the opportunity to create this work."

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However, Kojima did not show any effect at the event, and it looks like there is still time until the release of this project. It remains relatively large. The biggest ambiguity, however, is the report that Tom Henderson released some time ago, in which he admitted that he had seen a video of a new horror game called Overdose, which is made by Kojima. He suggests that Overdose may be the same project that Kojima and Xbox are working together to develop. However, not showing that video on the Xbox display is confusing.

Source: VGC

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