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Kojima denies rumors of joining Sony: We are independent and we will remain independent

BingMag.com <b>Kojima</b> <b>denies</b> <b>rumors</b> of <b>joining</b> <b>Sony:</b> We are <b>independent</b> and we will <b>remain</b> independent

There are always old footnotes to Kojima and his studios. He recently posted a photo of PlayStation Studios on Twitter showing various Sony games and PlayStation in-house studios. Meanwhile, one of the games shown in the picture was a photo of Death Stranding. With that happening, some fans started speculating again and said that this could be a sign of the imminent purchase of Kojima Productions studio by Playstation. However, to further clarify, Kojima announced in his next tweet that his studio would continue to operate independently.

Kojima tweeted: "It's wrong, but I want to say that Kojima Productions has been and will be an independent game development studio."

Kojima Productions Studios was established in 2015 as an independent studio. Initially, the members of this studio were mostly the same key members of the internal team of Kojima Productions at Konami. To date, Death Stranding has been the only game created by Kojima Productions. One of the stars of the "Walking Dead" series, Norman Redas, plays the main character of this game, Sam Porter Bridges. The game, which was first released for the PlayStation 4 console in 2019, was also released for PC a few months after its initial release. Last year, a more complete and special version of the game was released under the bizarre title "Death Stranding: Director's Impression", first for PlayStation 5 and then a few months later for PC.

BingMag.com <b>Kojima</b> <b>denies</b> <b>rumors</b> of <b>joining</b> <b>Sony:</b> We are <b>independent</b> and we will <b>remain</b> independent

Given the current state of the video game industry, we can almost say that we can not rule out the possibility of buying any studio, and the same is true for Kojima Productions. Especially since the studio has been working well with Sony and PlayStation since its inception, and even Kojima has used the Desilla Engine game engine of the Grilla Games Studio for its first game. However, this image can not prove anything and it is not very logical to talk and speculate about it. First of all, it is true that Death Stranding was not created by PlayStation's in-house studios, but it is a franchise owned by Sony, and the use of this game in the image above is not surprising. The presence of this game may also indicate the PlayStation Xdev studio, which is working with other foreign studios such as Kojima Productions to develop the games.

On the other hand, Kojima finally managed to establish an independent studio after his disagreements with Konami. Given this history, it seems that he prefers to continue operating independently this time and not be affiliated with a larger company. Especially now that he has been able to establish a new branch to work in other media such as film. Kojima is also a big name in the video game industry and can negotiate and collaborate with various publishers for future projects. There are even rumors that he is currently working on two projects, one of which may be for the Xbox. It is excessive and Kojima wants to continue to operate independently.

Source: IGN

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