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Knockout City is free

BingMag.com <b>Knockout</b> <b>City</b> is free

Velan Studios announced in a blog post that Knockout City will be free. This game is in the style of a team and is multiplayer. Now the spring of 1401 is set to be completely free. Of course, this is free for 9 months, and it is possible that after this period, the game will return to normal. Of course, Vlan has not yet announced on which platform Knockout City will be free.

The text reads:

We have done a lot to meet new players. Especially now that the game is completely free.

It was also announced that the company will be responsible for publishing the game. Because the game is free.

We certainly would not have been able to introduce Knockout City to the world without the support of Electronic Arts. But because we decided to become free, we have to take responsibility for supply and distribution. Because we need to have a closer relationship with the game community.

To thank people who have already purchased Knockout City, Vlan has considered some specific aspects. These include accessories and some help scoring points in the game.

BingMag.com <b>Knockout</b> <b>City</b> is free

In this statement It was announced that the company's priority will continue to be the player community. That's why these extra sections have been added.

Knockout City was released in 2021 for 8th and 9th generation consoles with PC. This game was able to achieve relatively good success in the field of critics. It also did not do badly in terms of sales. The point is, most competitive titles tend to be free. Examples of this are the Rocket League. It seems that when these titles become free, they become more popular and more profitable for companies. Also, due to the free Knockout city, we should expect more events and a sharp increase in players.

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