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Is Unreal Engine 5 the best option for making the next Witcher?

BingMag.com Is <b>Unreal</b> <b>Engine</b> 5 the <b>best</b> <b>option</b> for <b>making</b> the <b>next</b> Witcher?

CD Project has confirmed the rejection of a new game based on The Witcher series. The introduction of this title did not provide specific information and details to the audience and the main focus was on technology. CD Project Red intends to abandon its gaming engine, Red Engine, and move on to Unreal Engine 5 (owned by Epic Games). "It covers not only the licensing issue, but also the technical development of Unreal Engine 5 as well as future versions of the game engine," says the Polish studio. It has decided to work extensively with Epic Games, and while Unreal Engine 5 core technologies are still in their infancy, the Polish studio will help Epic Games improve the Engine for open world experiences. Clearly, the development of Witcher's new game is in its infancy, as we do not yet know the status of the development or the release date.

This change is extremely large and largely risky for the Polish developer. Sidi Project Red has developed all its projects with Witch Engine since Witcher 2, and although we know that the game Engine is nearing its end, it is still the cornerstone of Cyberpunk 2077, and as a result, its add-on packages and updates are based on the same engine. Will be development. Beyond that, however, Unreal Engine seems to be an important part of the future. , Changing the most basic element of game development and moving to an admirable and independent Engine can lead to problems. After all, Rejection Engine has come up with unique visuals in its various forms and has helped to create some of the most amazing games in recent years. Going back to Witcher 2, Project Red's released a unique title at the time that literally pushed the boundaries - a title that still looks great today. The details of the environment, lighting, character processing and more were far ahead of their time. The Witcher 2 was released during the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it was really a class above its generation.

BingMag.com Is <b>Unreal</b> <b>Engine</b> 5 the <b>best</b> <b>option</b> for <b>making</b> the <b>next</b> Witcher?

While Cyberpunk 2077 obviously had a lot of technical issues, in our opinion the PC version had an acceptable performance from day one and also appeared in the field of graphics and visual arts. Yes, there were bugs on all platforms, but most of the technical problems with the game were related to the eighth generation versions of the game. The graphical aspects of the game are ultimately quite scalable - whether we're talking about features, quality, or processing resolution.

However, previous-generation consoles did not have enough processing power to provide such a powerful experience. . Meanwhile, if you had a modern processor and RTX graphics card on your PC, you could have a great visual experience by activating beam tracking (at 30 frames per second). High-end PCs offer higher resolution and better beam tracking capabilities at an acceptable frame rate, and it looks like cyberpunk will get more and more visible - just like Witcher 2. CDP Project Red for The development of Witcher's next game - which is likely to take several years to complete - does not require a focus on the eighth-generation consoles, so it could not be a reason for the studio to change its game engine. First of all, why not continue to develop and complete the Engine rejection, and second, what are the benefits of moving to the Unreal Engine 5?

Witcher is 3, it must be challenged. Bart Veransky, a former member of the CD Red Project, has taken the issue to Twitter. "For each game, they would completely abandon the Engine and re-program it from scratch, hoping it would work better next time, but due to the heavy workload on the staff, the Engine was unusable and unstable." p>

BingMag.com Is <b>Unreal</b> <b>Engine</b> 5 the <b>best</b> <b>option</b> for <b>making</b> the <b>next</b> Witcher?

Veransky says that with the exception of some processing systems, the Engine rejection was completely rewritten to develop each game; So to get past Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project still had to resume the game Engine to build Witcher's next game. With that in mind, he thinks migrating to Unreal Engine 5 was a good choice - and there are many good reasons for this change. Unreal Engine 5 is designed for flexibility and scalability across all platforms, as well as providing CDI Project Red with an all-encompassing think tank and extraordinary technical prowess. It is no secret that even the most successful Developers are also struggling to hire such professionals, as most of them are drawn to superpowers such as Epic, Nvidia, and Unity. The key to this Engine (such as Lumen, Nanite and Metahumans) shows that there are various benefits to using it. Lumen, for example, is a real-time global illumination system that simulates the elements and components of light and its reflection as accurately as possible in each scene. Nanite is a new geometric system developed by Epic that is said to have the ability to easily process dense textures, without resorting to some tricks such as drawing distances that are of poor quality and gradually increasing in quality as you approach them. Finally, Metahuman is Epic's most amazing attempt to provide realistic images of the characters. The best and newest demonstration of this technology is the famous game or demo of The Matrix Awakens, which was like an interactive movie. He also has to deal with it. The step taken with Lumen and Nanite technologies is really huge, but it has an exorbitant price: performance. We have to keep in mind that the Matrix demo is just a demo, and complete titles that want to use these advanced and super-advanced technologies may have to target performance at 30 frames per second; Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series with the slogan of 60 frames and 4K quality were released. The ninth-generation version of Cyberpunk 2077 undoubtedly failed to capture the peak of performance we see in powerful PCs, but at least 60 frames was acceptable and beautiful. Reaching the same level of performance using Unreal Engine 5 will require an incredibly powerful and high-performance PC. Bring a license. We heard in a statement from the Polish studio that CD Project Red wanted to help Epic Games prepare Unreal Engine 5 for an open-world experience. This tells us an important point about Unreal Engine 5 - in general - as well as its use for the next episode of Witcher: that the core and innovative systems of this game Engine are still under development.

BingMag.com Is <b>Unreal</b> <b>Engine</b> 5 the <b>best</b> <b>option</b> for <b>making</b> the <b>next</b> Witcher?

The first official demo of Unreal Engine 5 entitled The Valley of the Ancient showed the audience that it is possible to design huge and amazing worlds with this engine; The Matrix demo, on the other hand, highlighted the characters' ease of design and realism. For all that, none of this is comparable to what we've seen so far in the Witcher series; Castles, cities and towns, mines and deserts do not pose a problem for Unreal Engine 5, but as far as we know, Epic has not yet fully succeeded in adding non-material objects to Nanite. So for now, things like trees, plant foliage, and characters have to be traditionally processed outside of Nanite, which puts the same old limitations.

These are just a few examples of the great Unreal Engine 5 challenges in open world titles. Is. It remains to be seen whether the collaboration between Epic Games and CD Project Red, which has the skills and background to make the Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077, can improve the new Unreal Engine technologies.

Now is the time to make a new Witcher game It is provided, but we are heartbroken for the end of the life of the beloved Engine of the Engine (maybe it is better to say "engines" of the engine!). After all, the variety of basic technologies leads to completely different and creative games that create amazing and special visual experiences. Cyberpunk 2077 on PC was one of the most beautiful games of 2020 and was rightly on the list of Eurogamer's best. Visually, this game is more beautiful than any title ever made using Unreal Engine. However, now with the launch of Unreal Engine 5, the situation will be different. It has many advantages and in some ways can be dangerous by reducing creativity and diversity. Now what is the best possible scenario? That the new Witcher retains the identity of Project Red, and on the other hand takes full advantage of the potential of new technologies such as Nanite, Lumen and Metahuman. These features are incredibly exciting but we do not know exactly what the results will be. Their development in a popular and big game like Witcher for Epic Games and CD Project Red may be useful and profitable, and it will also raise the level of expectations from games made with Unreal Engine 5.

Source: Eurogamer

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