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Introducing the Nowruz mobile game; The best story titles

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Nowruz</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>game;</b> The <b>best</b> <b>story</b> titles

In line with the previous content related to the introduction of the best Nowruz games, in this article we intend to introduce the best story titles for mobile./p>

If users are the kind of people who enjoy reading stories and novels, by installing the games that we are going to introduce in this article, they can mark with a double arrow. Both play and have fun and enjoy the awesome storyline. Introducing the best story titles that can entertain you with their engaging gameplay and enjoyable storyline. These games are:

1. Florence

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Nowruz</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>game;</b> The <b>best</b> <b>story</b> titles

If you are interested in storytelling games, Florence will be very exciting for you. Florence is a very artistic and pleasant story game that shows the daily life of human beings with all the joys and sorrows. This game was released by Annapurna Interactive in 2018. The storyline of this game is about a girl named Florence Yeo who feels empty at the age of 25. His life is an endless routine of work, sleep and spending a lot of time on social media.

Until one day, as he was crossing the street, he heard a very pleasant melody with waves of yellow notes. . Hearing this, Florence traces its origins to the boy who played the cello. After that day, Florence remembers that day and every night and the beautiful sound of the cello, until in the continuation of her story, she meets Chris, who changes Florence's view of the world around her.

Soundtrack It is worth installing this game alone. Florence kills at the heart of the strings, and makes you more eager and eager. The best game that you can enjoy with headphones and volume up away from any disturbance. Not only the music but also the details of the story, the animation, the colors and everything is very impressive and beautiful. This game is unique in its style. Do not forget to pay $ 3 to buy this game.

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2. Oxenfree

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Nowruz</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>game;</b> The <b>best</b> <b>story</b> titles

Oxenfree game is another of the best story titles with a pleasant and beautiful environment that is less noticed by players. it placed. Oxenfree is a mysterious and scary graphic adventure game created by Night School Studio and released in 2017 for Android and iOS operating systems. This game can be considered one of the funniest, most beautiful, most adventurous and most addictive game because it follows a very exciting storyline.

The story is about some friends who go to an island for fun and entertainment by The spirits are besieged. The main character in this story is Alexandra, who likes to be called Alex. He is beautifully personified and you get to know him better throughout the story. Alex carries a radio that produces very mysterious and strange sounds and as a result changes the fate of all his friends.

The players first get involved with Alex and his storytelling process with his friends and one of What makes the game addictive is that gamers are curious until the last minute about what will eventually happen to Alex. The conflicts, the climax of the story and the turning points of the story are all in place, which makes the routine more beautiful and pleasant. The calm and beautiful music that can be heard during the game is the strength and skill of the American composer, SCNTFC, who has been able to harmonize the sense of plum and fear with the flow. Do not forget that this game is free on iOS, but it is available on Google Play for $ 5.

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3. Leo's Fortune

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Nowruz</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>game;</b> The <b>best</b> <b>story</b> titles

We come to the third game on this list, Leo Fortune or the same Leo's property that you will fall in love with if you are interested in adventure style games. In this game, you play the role of the main character, Leo, who seems to have lost his property. Now, as a loser, you have to look for the one who stole your gold. But do not think that you have an easy path ahead. The story reaches its climax when you see that in order to get your property, you have to go through a dangerous path with many challenges and obstacles.

The graphics of the game are unique and it is one of its strengths. Its sound throughout the game, the possibility of easy control of characters in various tasks, unique gameplay and many other things together have made us see one of the best and most attractive adventure style games on the mobile platform. Among the capabilities of this game, we can mention the natural environment full of beautiful things such as forests, deserts, mountains, etc., having various traps and puzzles that you have to use your intelligence to pass through. Required to It is mentioned that this beautiful game is priced at $ 5.

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4. Her story

BingMag.com <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Nowruz</b> <b>mobile</b> <b>game;</b> The <b>best</b> <b>story</b> titles

Her story is one of the best masterpiece titles from Sam Barlow Studios in the genre. Adventure and riddle that can definitely be a fascinating title for those who are interested in games of this genre. This game tells the story of a person named Hannah Smith who is the main character of the game. The game begins when she, Hannah Smith, reports the news of her husband's disappearance to the police. But after a while, her husband is killed and now the police have to look for clues to find the killer. But during these investigations, Hannah herself is repeatedly interrogated by the police.

What you see is not Hannah's view. In other words, in this game, you do not control Hannah, but watch short videos of her interrogation to discover the truth for yourself. As a guest user, you can search for files and videos related to Hannah Smith on the computer running the game, so that you can find the killer during the interrogations. Do not forget that the files are not in front of you very often, and you have to listen to Hannah's words and search for the keywords of her words, to find the relevant files, which number up to 270.

To start the game, just one You also have the keyword Murderer, which means killer, and then you have to guess the rest of the words yourself and continue the story. It is recommended to continue the game with the keyword Murder because it provides you with good files. Note that these professions and videos may not be related at all, and it is your intelligence to find the connection between them. The game is priced at $ 4 on the Apple App Store and $ 5 on Google Play.

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