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Intel: The shortage of processors and graphics cards will continue until 2023

The video game industry, like many other industries, is affected by a shortage of toxic conductor chips around the world, which results in a shortage of processors and graphics cards. Is. In addition to these parts, the ninth generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox X and S series consoles are also facing production shortages. Although companies such as Toshiba and Foxconn have announced the end of the crisis by 2022, some, such as Intel, oppose it.

In an interview with CNBC, the company's CEO, Pat Glsinger, claimed that while As the situation gradually improves, it may take several years for it to resolve completely. "We are in the worst situation now," he said. We are getting better every quarter of next year, but there will be no balance between supply and demand until 2023.

This is contrary to a recent statement by AMD CEO Lisa Soo, who said she expects The second half of 2022 will see an increase in supply. Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, while social distancing measures were being implemented by countries, supply chains were in trouble and there was a significant demand for game consoles.

BingMag.com Intel: The shortage of processors and graphics cards will continue until 2023

Also in September, Xbox chairman Phil Spencer said that the current problems with the console will continue until 2022. He thinks the lack of chips is not the only thing that has disrupted the console supply process for Microsoft. "I do not think it is interesting to relate the supply problem to a shortage of chips," he said. When I think about what it means to get the parts needed to build a console today and then bring it to markets where there is demand, I see several types of weaknesses in the process. Unfortunately, I think this problem will plague us until the next calendar year.

Since the release of the ninth generation consoles, the shortage of these devices has become a serious problem. Earlier, Sony's chief financial officer, Hiroki Tutuki, said the consoles would be in short supply by the end of this year and would not be able to meet demand even as production increased. This problem is so great that Digitimes reported on the redesign of the PlayStation 5 console next year.

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