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5 improvements that have improved the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS5

BingMag.com 5 improvements that have improved the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS5

Final Fantasy 7 remake of Intergrid was released this month, and now that I have the opportunity to re-experience one of the best role-playing games of last year, I can I can say with confidence that a considerable number of features and updates that can be seen in this version make the game much better and bring a much more enjoyable experience.

What is the first time you experience this game on PlayStation 5? Be one of those people who have upgraded their PlayStation 4 version, Integrid has more to say than you might think. In this article, we will look at five changes that have added value to the re-experience of the game. Join us.

Before I begin, I must point out that the last item in this article poses a risk of contaminating the game's story.

UFO and a whole new story stage

BingMag.com 5 improvements that have improved the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS5

How to write an article about integride and go to episode Intermission) did not mention. The most prominent new member of the family that came with this version. You can explore the corner of Midgar slum, which was a safe haven for Cloud and his friends. Of course, there are other side missions to complete in this version. Chadley's new virtual challenges and Happy Turtle missions are the most interesting. I enjoyed. It's a lot of fun to take control of this young ninja character, because his lively and quirky character is very tangible in each of his interactions, from impossible jumps and spins in the air to throwing his huge shuriken to the boxes in the mini-game sections. h2> 2. Classic mode on normal hardness

BingMag.com 5 improvements that have improved the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS5

on PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy 7 Remix The choice of classic mode was given on easy difficulty. At first glance, it seems that the automatic battle system accelerates events by taking control manually. However, I believe that combining this feature with the normal difficulty of the game gives players a more balanced and better experience on both sides.

Some of the most memorable battle moments in the remake occur when you fill the ATB bar and You confuse the enemies with one blow. You can then calmly lean back in your chair and launch a series of attacks on the enemy by rotating between group members. In general, this action adds to the tension and more precise control of the struggles, especially if you are interested in controlling the actions of the characters as much as possible.

3. Graphics, better performance and performance

BingMag.com 5 improvements that have improved the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS5

Let me pour clean water on your hands: Better game mode It is graphical. Although the immortal story of Final Fantasy 7 and watching lovely characters like Tifa and Sefiroth in 4K quality is always a spectacular sight, the precious jewel of Final Fantasy 7 is the remake of its battle system.

By activating the execution mode, these battle sequences in Frames per second come to life on the screen. I can not promise you that you can complete all the virtual battles of Chadley, but watching the emergence of the battlefield along with the smooth control over your team real-time action battle system takes this role-playing game to another level. In addition, I do not think there is a need for clarity, but the speed of loading pages in PlayStation 5 is amazing. You can easily select and load any chapter you want. Although this feature covers the entire game and has little to do with the execution mode, I must emphasize that there is no better way to experience this game on PlayStation 5.

4. Shooting Mode

BingMag.com 5 improvements that have improved the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS5
In this version, the ability to take 4K images of your team in battle and unforgettable Final Fantasy 7 sequences has been added. Is. Maybe you like the classic image of Erith praying in the dark alley of Midgar at the beginning of the game, or you may like Cloud jumping from a train that rushes to the station. Remake Integrade is ready to let you take photos of all these moments. Now that it is possible to take photos of different parts of the game with various filters and editing features, fans can create their own nostalgic photo album.

5. New Final Interface

BingMag.com 5 improvements that have improved the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS5

Warning: Danger of contaminating the story

I will not go into details, but after completing the intermission episode, a short but interesting cut scene will be displayed after the game title. In this cut scene, we not only see UFO in connection with the second part of the remake, but also hints at the future of the main characters of the game who step into a world beyond the field.

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